Thursday, June 14, 2012

Chum-Bucket Bliss

When most people refer to their bucket lists, they are typically pondering far-off in the future lofty luxury vacations or nervy nail-biting nature interactions with possible death as an outcome. Since sadly I tend to encounter those bipolar experiences on a regular, but involuntary basis anyway, my ‘b-list’ is a tad less inspirational. In fact, there’s even an ACTUAL rectangular window-washing bucket on my list to help relieve my squeegee’s embarrassment from getting stuck up in an ordinary round bucket. 

I know the hushed-toned rumors at family events may be true that I am simple minded, but then again I prefer to think of myself as just being lower maintenance and easier to please than most folks. Most loyal dogs will smell anything, play with the same slobbery ball all day, and fetch any old stick as long as it’s wrapped in bacon, so I consider myself in good company. Mutts like me may dream of greener grass from time to time, but true nirvana is nearer when we realize ANY yard can look pretty good with a regular trim and liberal application of OUR OWN fertilizer!

Don’t get me wrong, despite my pedantic preaching I still hold white collared reverence for timely clan-travel and elective extemporaneous exploration. After all, what else are you going to spend all that inheritance on – tacos, taxes, or your basement-bound spawn’s silk sheets and cell phone? So why not look beyond those lengthy lists of improbable future chum-buckety fun and instead focus NOW on your skivvie’s silver lining while they are still warm.

Now I certainly wouldn’t turn my beak up at a chance at an adventuresome Antarctic ice shelf preening and penguin omelette with Popper’s progeny. But that doesn’t mean I should deny my desire for  Denny’s ‘EGGScellent’ burnt offerings just because the feed trough is clearly much closer to my crib. Regardless of the perceived value of the venue, it’s ALWAYS the glue of my crew who makes even the ordinary stuff so special, and really worthy of my burly bulk and TRUE blue buckety bliss!