Monday, August 23, 2010

Back in the 'Blog-Saddle'

I have to admit it is rather uncomfortable writing this blog again. It feels like a long time since I have written anything other than checks since I hauled the young one back to college. Oh don’t worry about her, she has to write a few essays too but the grading at school is a lot easier than that of my typical blog commentators. Plus my kid’s school is unique since in exchange for literally my first born, they provide maid service to clean her room and rick-shaw limo rides to class.

So other than the ‘rump dent’ in my oversized steel reinforced easy chair being a little out of place, I have to thank Raker for doing a bang-up job. He held down the fort and more importantly did not let any of the quarantined ‘hot air’ out of the blog for the past week. It gave me a chance to turn my full attention to my kid, although in all honesty I have never seen more fear in her eyes in the 19 years I have known her.

Generally this time of year is always a bit hard for kids and of course that mostly means ME. Even now, I detest the ‘back to school’ sales and ads on television celebrating the return to structured education and the loss of freedom. Now mind you, I LOVED SCHOOL and by most accounts (except for those of my accounting professor) achieved reasonably successful results. Yet, don’t let that Charlie McCarthy, devilish grin on my face fool you, as I ‘aint no dummy’. Who in their right mind REALLY wants to get cooped up inside cramped, echoey spaces with dozens of others who don’t want be there either? School sounds a little too much like church to me. Most people learn BEST through real experiences, not just theoretical explorations and lofty reading.

Ok, so I had better get off this soapbox before it starts to bubble; and heave my heft back into the daily blog-saddle. I kind of wish that teacher’s pet ‘Raker’ would have trimmed the bushes around the place or done something truly useful other than his ‘high-brow’ blogging while I was away. I guess the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ is still valid? Gee I hope so – with all the REAL dough I am shelling out for my daughter’s college, in THEORY, our family will be enjoying hot, fresh bread for the next thousand years!


  1. Mmmm, hot fresh bread sounds really good..I think we will have to settle for Kraft Mac n Cheese..
    .as of Sept...I have 2 in college....Hahahah
    ..yeah shoot me now...!obviously we didnt "prepare" in advance...and save over the years...but somehow well get through and so will you....I mean I guess now all we can look forward to is that both of my kids get jobs in either teaching, government or non profit so as to take advantage of the "public service loan forgiveness"...option for borrowers...Its about the closest thing to "the bailout" we can hope to get...BwHahahah.!

  2. We have two in college and one on a mission in Mexico...By the time the missionary returns the other two will have graduated. Then the missionary will turn into college student which means we'll only have one in college....I think I'm ready for some hot buttered bread now.

  3. I'm going to the Olive Garden for dinner for their delicious yummy bread sticks! Is that close enough to dough to qualify as a comment here today?

  4. College is expensive, no question! My son graduates in December, and is currently researching graduate programs. I'm very proud of him! I know you are of your daughter, too.

    I was only able to catch one of Raker's posts, so don't have an opinion , really, other than he did a good job. Hey, that's an opinion, so never mind. LOL

    Have a blessed week my friend!