Thursday, November 17, 2011

The SNUGGIE clause

Well it may be my repressed n’ all-wet, Brawny paper towel guy talking, but if there is one thing in life that my wife loves for the holidays, it’s big, bulky, plain-jane, oversized flannel jammies. Who can resist the soft downy touch of a pile of (preferably washed) perky plaid lumberjack duds? Despite the occasionally dicey run-ins with Paul’s bunions and other hairy guys in knitted caps with axes to grind, who doesn’t want to know what’s TRULY BEHIND the ‘trapdoor hatch’ in oh-so- cozy ‘onesie’ pajamas?

Let’s face it though, anything flannel should never be in close proximity to normal department store silky lingerie. Do you really think foot-draggers like myself, have any desire to slink through the lacy & racy store aisles unless we’re yelling for ‘Sanctuary’ and being hunted by ‘clip-on tie clerks’ with torches? Those underwear enclaves with their nasty hooks, wires, and strings are the things of tortured dreams. I’m threatened by garments which won’t rack right and their intentions protrude unnaturally into the path of my cart’s personal space. In these ‘cess-dens’ of black satin & nude-colored hosiery, women’s burning eyes will just stare at me with revulsion and fear - but I almost always leave their stupid louvered changing rooms when asked politely.

With winter upon us I recently decided to surprise the wife with a brand new set of flannel jams to brighten her smile and warm up all of her other dark parts. Searching for new heavyweight matching P.J.’s is a big responsibility and believe me I don’t take the task lightly. The only beaten dead horse around here is me, so there’s no way I’m going to saddle my best half’s flesh with just any old flannel from Bangladesh – she’s deserves the BEST thread count that 3rd world child labor can loom.

Little did I know that my minor ‘mission probable’ would turn into a major pain in the impossible. What retail marketing genius decided that this Christmas, everyone wants NON-matching, ‘licensed icon’, half-calf, sleep separates anyway? In between the floods, famine, and random wildlife wandering the streets, did all of Asia run out of the same NORMAL ‘flan-jam’ palette of muted pastel tints, lints, and twine? Geez for $40 bucks the spouse shouldn’t have to grouse about jams with flying Tabasco bottles, Daffy rocket ducks, or even Santa’s own sugar plum fairies dancing anywhere near her happy-lap. Anyway she’s already CONTRACTED with ME if she wants a hulking , plain, & furry softy to keep her warm . . . all she has to do is enforce the holiday flannel provision known as, the ‘SNUGGIE CLAUS’!


  1. This is literally the greatest post ever. I pray the Snuggie Claus visits me.

  2. Flannel pajamas are best for winter season.They keep you warm and cozy all day and night long. I bought new pair of flannel Pjs from They are just amazing!

  3. I was going to suggest online shopping as well. I LOVE my pac man pajama pants above all others... and found them online.

    Good luck, Snuggie.

  4. My 96 year old Granny LOVES her snuggie and any post that talks about child labor and saddling horses...wait, that's beating horses and saddling flesh..anyway...I'm all about child labor!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. They make Daffy Duck rocket pajamas? Are they pajamas with rockets on them, or pajamas for your rockets?

  6. Finally something about PJ's !
    I'm very interested in women's nightwear. In fact, I pretend to shop in Victoria's Secret just so I can stroke the merchandise.
    But no matter how I eavesdrop, I still don't know
    what Victoria's Secret IS. Can anyone explain it?


  7. I refuse to jump on the Snuggie bandwagon. (However, I am looking for a pair of footed jammies!)

  8. I love being warm, but in menopause I'm usually too hot! :-)
    Funny post. Good for you to go for the gusto!