Thursday, December 29, 2011


Hey what’s the big deal with resolutions and New Year’s Eve? Honestly last time we hung out with EVE didn’t we learn anything after that little ‘apple incident’ back in the days of Eden? Wouldn’t you know it though, like everyone else, just before that big dumb glitter ball drops, I can’t help it – I want to start resolving stuff too!

The problem is that one minute into the New Year and I immediately begin to lose my resolve to actually follow through with those lofty-topped resolutions. I mean it’s tough trying to keep my vows and stop eating my own weight in chicken wings – especially since the farm ‘chicks’ I hang out with are never ‘down’ with that. Oh sure it would be nice to replace our clog-prone commodes with those bowls that will swallow buckets of golf balls; but whose got that much time to pilfer from the driving range?

We don’t need some arbitrary end-of-year date to tell us what to do and how to better change our ways. Anyway, isn’t December already kind of packed full of holiday hoe-downs and expensive excesses without the added burden of tired self-reflection and relentless regret rituals? Maybe my first resolution this year will be to dissolve the resolve of New Years Day and start a ‘Resolv-olution’ of sorts!

Just think how great it would be to face the upcoming year guilt-free while wearing any ol’ quirky lampshade you care to slip on? Even that fat, pink n’ ‘nekkid’ sash-ensconced New Years baby could eat anything and would appreciate the freedom from making hefty life decisions so early in the year. Without lofty goals or high-brow standards to get in the way, I could do darn near anything today and worry about those nagging consequences and restrictive resolutions tomorrow. Or better yet how about next month, or maybe next YEAR during some memorable & special event in time? Hmmm … why not when they drop that shiny New Years ball at Midnight – now that’s a revolutionary resolution solution!


  1. AMEN brotha and a big cheer to New Years Resolv-oltuion!!!

  2. I'm with you. No resolutions for me.
    I was born well the first time.
    The photo is a hoot!
    Cheers from Cottage Country!

  3. I resolve to read more blogs, eat more chocolate, and have more sex. Preferably simultaneously.

  4. I agree! :o)
    Hope you have a wonderful and brilliantly worded new year x

  5. I second that emotion! :) Happy New Year

  6. Resolution, schmezolution. Happy New Year to you!

  7. I love the picture! You are awesome with the paint :)

  8. I disagree! You need to resolve to be better like people like ME.
    I think you might be rebelling against your father,
    who tried to make you amount to something like he did.
    I resolve to write comments on your blogs which will improve you. By next year's end you should
    be almost perfect. --

  9. Eating more chocolate is always the best way to go.

  10. There should be a second holiday a week after new years where everybody officially blows their resolutions in truly decadent style.

  11. I resolve to never stop hating being sick. As my flu hangs on (going to doc's today) I finally got bored with laying on the couch so I'm back on-line & trying to catch up. Thank you for stopping by & leaving your wonderful comments & kind wishes. I wish you & your family much happiness, health & prosperity in the New Year, and as far as I'm concerned we are who we are & if somebody doesn't like it MOVE ON! That's why I always come back & always have a smile when I see your name pop up in my comments. Thanks my friend & stay healthy & have a great day!