Thursday, June 6, 2013

Guaca Talka

Despite the awful name for a dip which sounds more like something the cat coughed up rather than a delicacy, ‘Guacamole’ is a fav-flavor to savor around our scullery! Though I ordinarily have found it practical policy to avoid eating anything bean green and gooey, I guarantee I’ll never knock a tip-topa ‘guaca’. Yep you can keep your wimpy red dips n’ chips ‘cause as long as I can butter up my corny crunchers with the ‘cado, a festive and culturally sensitive ‘OLE!’ will always be my motto.

I know given my propensity to rebuff bunches of soft n’ brown bananas makes it hard to believe that avocados decorated in the same dark n’ dreary shade could ever make the cut. After all who wants a salad bowl full of creamy goo in full view which clearly looks chewed.  Happily between a twist of lemon and a dunk of the nut in the guck, the resulting electric green mashing stays table fresh and rather dashing. 

Oh sure life can get a bit better by soaking the green butter batter in a hot swig of salsa too. That spicy shot of verde is just the thing needed to unleash the wild side from my dumpy black ‘Avo’s personality and get my brain a humming. But beware of sucking up too much of this gut-bubbly mix before bedtime because if careless there will be a lot more than your ‘creative juices’ furiously flowing long on to the yawn of dawn.

So if you ‘HASS’ a little time and can find a few leftover Doritos crumbs in the couch, don’t forget to make more of an effort to know the oh-so-holy ‘Mole’ grail. Respect the lowly avocado because simply by shunning the sink, it can turn you green around the gills without having to work that nasty worm out of a bottle. Remember only true DIPS like me talk and hawk Guaca lots since it takes real guts to consume Kermit colored cuisine that looks EXACTLY the same prior, during, and AFTER consumption!


  1. Yes. the sinister colors of Avocados confuses some folks.
    From Caliifornia we once sent a carton of avocados to my
    wife's parents back in Missouri. Ma-in-Law took one look
    at the green ripening to a deadly black and threw them out.

    So don't send 'em to places that are more Holy than they are

  2. I love, love, love Avocados!!! Especially spread on toast sprinkled with a little salt - yum, yum yum!!!