Thursday, March 25, 2010

Congressional Babies

Ok since we’re going to talk governance for a minute, you’ve got to have preamble right? So before I go a step further, REMEMBER, nobody sane (and even the border-line folks like myself), subscribe to promoting violence or real threats against anyone or any group especially our lovable politicians. Uh-Oh, I forgot about Al Qaeda; I think it’s still ok to threaten them? But just in case, I’m not going to call Bin Laden and wish him ‘ill will’ on his answering machine, or drop off that protest coffin in front of his cave.

Yes, the drama continues just days after the healthcare bill becomes law. Congress people (presumably ONLY the 51% who voted FOR the bill), have been receiving distasteful comments and threats due to their recent vote. Without being too much of a smarmy ‘fence-straddler’, I understand the frustrations and frankly ‘fear’ on both sides of the debate. Nobody feels at ease, especially public figures, when the masses are offered a truckload of CAKE, yet remain frustrated and pointedly angry regarding a particular issue. On the other side, it’s just as frustrating to be one of those masses, speaking out, waving your hands wildly, and sending warning flares to your Congress people and oddly they just don’t seem to get it, or worse care?

Regardless of your take on the healthcare issue, EVERYONE knew that the rancor was already getting fairly high pitched when the public started to feel that their ‘majority will’ was being ignored by their Congressional representatives. But then before the vote, Speaker Pelosi, chose to smugly march defiantly up the House steps grinning ear to ear with a giant 'Wile Coyote' gavel. To the general populace, Pelosi acted like a botoxed Cheshire cat, thrusting her thumbs up as an ‘in-your-face’ replacement for the ’more central’ and distasteful digits that she actually wished to show the public.

Is it any wonder, that once this bill was rammed down America’s collective throat that it comes out looking like Foie Gras in the end? Even people who loved some of the ideals of the bill, hated the way Congress behaved. It is unconscionable to think that these bureaucrats WORK for us and yet they repeatedly ignore our calls to slow-up and get the RIGHT healthcare bill, not just any bill. I looked through every dictionary in my house, and next to the word “Representative”, I nowhere found the words or concept equivalent of, ‘Blatantly Ignore and Discount’ as part of the definition.

So to the Congressional babies who cooked up this crock and are now whining about a little heat in the kitchen, don’t worry it will pass. In the short term, we the people might enjoy a little venting and what’s left of free speech at your expense. But by November 2010 we’ll help relieve you of your misery. Yes by then, the air conditioning will really start to kick in as you’ll soon find yourselves voted ‘Out in the Cold’!

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  1. Absolutely. A big part of the frustration for the American people is the sense that government is no longer the servant of the people but trying to become their master. Hopefully, folks will be energized to do something about it in November. It's a lesson our system really needs.