Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Is Apple's IPAD buzz groundbreaking?

Now never doubt Apple’s ability to create buzz. The introduction of the magazine-sized tablet computers a couple of months ago already has generated the flattery of functional copycats. HP has introduced its own version – the “Slate”; Dell will market a “mini-Dell”; and the Chinese are literally drooling at the opportunity to reverse engineer a cheaper tablet that will do more, at less cost, than ANY of the innovators.

But while all this follows the normal technological cycle, I kind of am at a loss as to what’s the BIG innovation here? I guess lower power displays give us longer battery life, and yes, a compact flat tablet IS marginally more convenient to cuddle up with at those ‘last resort’ tiny table in cramped Starbucks. But other than that, aren't IPADS just technologically handsome, GIANT oversized IPODS?

As convenient as they are, any touch screen device has kind of turned me off anyway. I hate all of those greasy fingerprints on the face of the GPS or IPhone display. As laptops have gotten smaller and lighter, they also sport a GREAT benefit – they have screens that TILT. These new IPAD devices and the wannabe’s make you either hunch over their flat screens with chin in chest, or hold it up with your hands? I know that feels MORE like handling a magazine in practice, but bearing the weight on ones wrists is probably the LEAST ATTRACTIVE benefit of reading a magazine?

Even in the fast-paced, high-tech world of Apple, I know every new thing is not going to be revolutionary. I guess I had unrealistically hoped that their new ideas for the IPAD would be just a tad more interesting than … uh well, let’s say - AN APPLE? Is that the sound of a muffled BUZZ I’m hearing or maybe it’s just that I’m REALLY hungry for some more MEAT with my fruit?

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