Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just ‘A-nutter’ Blog Post

As I sat here pondering the glamorous and highly paid life of an on-line blogger, I became a bit ‘peckish’. Now that is not unusual especially since many of these posts are created at odd hours long after or long before normal mealtimes. I opened the cupboard and after a minute to ponder options, my hand landed upon a handsome clear jar of mixed nuts.

Now mind you these are not just any nuts – these are Jumbo Deluxe Mixed Nuts with Sea Salt. Each nut is about the size of your kid’s thumb (preferably the one that’s not got something wet on it) and they are my wife’s favorite. Now my Dad will suffer through the cans of those stale little slivered ‘broken’ pieces you get at the dollar store. Honestly they aren’t bad, but it is a bit dissatisfying to try and enjoy a handful of unrecognizable nut slivers that are only one step removed from peanut butter. Let’s face it, even the grocery store nuts, especially those snobby Pistachios, make fun of my Dad’s dollar store nuts.

I do not feel as extravagant as you might think in buying these mega-nuts. Routinely if a recipe or dinner entree begs for a hearty garnish, our monster nuts come to the rescue. I chop them up on salads or on ice cream – it is actually more practical than having 10 different bags of chopped nuts locked in the baking cabinet.

As for the sea salt thing, I am not sure what to make of it? Yeah I know the gourmets believe it has a more subtle taste and no additives like iodine. To me all of it seems to do the same job and tastes – uh well … SALTY? I think it’s more about marketing … clearly the specialty stores simply see the sea salt snobs ‘coming’ and charge them for the privilege of EVAPORATION as opposed to mining the cheap stuff?

Well I had better get back to work – If there’s one thing this world needs, it is another random blog post written by a ‘nut-job’. But as a bonus, I will send you off with a ‘nutty’ riddle:

( Q.)“What did the scrawny Almond say to the Brazil Nut bully?”
( A.) ‘ Pecan’ somebody your own size .

Ok, Ok I know that was great b…but – Here’s aNUTer one:

(Q.) “What did the Black Walnut say to the Cashew with a cold?
(A.) Gesundheit !

1 comment:

  1. Oh, I finally GOT that last joke. 'Cashew'
    sounds like "Ca-SHEW!"
    Maybe I was still laughing over the first joke.
    Your gags are nothing to sneeze at --
    but you aren't the only one who gags!

    Thanks for your many funny yet often informative