Saturday, April 3, 2010

High-Tech Hunting!

Admit it, you like the thrill of the hunt. We all do, but for the stuff that we use every day it’s not necessary to buy new and pay retail PLUS tax. Yes you can go to the second hand stores, but these days to pay for all that brick and mortar, their prices are only marginally cheaper PLUS you’ve still got that pesky tax thing. Logically then, that means garage and estate sale shopping should be your primary big ’inlet’ for the odd-ball everyday things you need, as well as the far smaller outlet for your hard-earned cash!

I have good friends with good jobs who seek out garage sales as a way to make extra money rather than a need. They enjoy the challenge of purely poking around to find that 'DEAL' of a lifetime. My wife is more of a repressed anthropologist. She will study other people’s leftovers and think about their lives which is not typical of most junk-jockeys. She wants to find that trinket or some bit of history that has been overlooked and cast aside. She is not particularly interested in the ‘Antiques Roadshow’ ultimate find to sell. She is shopping for recreation only and is more interested in the hunt and capture, rather than the ‘killing’.

The one problem though, at least in our area, is that garage sales are not all that easy to find. There are a few spotted here and there but if you just get in the car and drive back and forth it is not very efficient and you’ll spend far more time in the car than shopping for bargains. Plus today, gas is too expensive to just burn off willy-nilly – even the shiniest deal loses its luster when you’ve spent double the savings on fuel alone.

So the wife, being the master of efficiency she is, has found a perfect website (linked here) for all you bargain hounds. Just simply pop in your location and let technology perform its magic. You’ll be ready, willing, and able to fulfill your need for ordinary ‘things’ at extraordinary prices that’ll make WalMart cry. By plotting your garage and estate sale route, you won’t waste fuel, time, and cash. As a bonus, you and your family will be happier too; because your new-found ‘social awareness’ will get your oh-so-GREEN ‘children of the bio-corn’ squarely OFF your back. And oh, I almost forgot – the ‘Tax man’ will be a little miffed that you avoided him too. Now THAT’s what I truly call a Thrill - Happy hunting!


  1. Wow!! Thanks for the link. I can't wait til I find some good deals in my area!! And I know what you mean by gas. I try to drive as little as possible. The cheapest gas that I've seen in my area is $3.03 per gallon :( Looking forward to reading more!!

  2. Yes, my wife (and even my kid in Texas) are quite excited about trying out this site once the summer sales start. Have fun. W.C.C.