Thursday, April 1, 2010

(#2) 9 ‘UN-Blockers’ for Writers (Pt. 2/3)

We continue on today with part 2 in a series of 3 on the prime nine easy ways to avoid writers block when writing a blog or anything else on a regular basis. If you missed the first installment, simply check the archives to get caught up. As always, I’ll post my normal random blogs during the overnight update for those who prefer other topics in the morning. Enjoy! - W.C.C.

---------- (cont.) Prime 9 ‘Un-Blockers’– Part 2 of 3 ----------

4) Piggy-Back off of somebody else’s idea. Wow isn’t that cheating? No, don’t copy somebody else’s work but add to the collective ‘experience’ of the topic. In fact some of the best blogs and essays are interactive and contain links and track-backs to other articles on the same general topic. You may have a completely different experience when “choosing a new bed” as I did. Both of our blogs will benefit in such indirect collaboration because the readers that are interested in a particular topic, are probably interested in another article on the same topic.

5) Carry a notepad and digital camera with you at all times. Hey isn’t that two things in one? Maybe but who’s counting. The point is you need to be ready to document that ‘slice of life’ or odd-ball blog topic no matter where you are. So if you are driving and see a rather funny vanity license plate, write it down (safely please!) and either use it or commit it to your Fragment file. Eventually if you find enough funny plates, your blog can write itself as you simply “spell them out” for your readers. Take pictures of particularly stunning or particularly ridiculous subjects. If you are attracted something photographically, then chances are others will be as well. Many a great blog post simply start off with a visually jaw-dropping or funny picture.

6) Make lists of things with a fresh twist. Oh no, I just gave away the technique which gave life to this article. If you have some meat to your idea already, it sure is far easier to choose the right wine or appetizer. The more unique twist or niche revelation to your list the better. Readers need more than topics like “10 things I think are GOOD”. But you will have to fend off blog traffic with flaming torches (literally) if your topic is more akin to “5 Veggies that give you uncontrollable GAS”. The point is to give ‘em new, fresh, and accurately intriguing content and they will come.

------------- END PART TWO of THREE PARTS -------------

Ok, that’s the second part. Check back tomorrow for part 3 (the conclusion) after 1400 Hrs. CST. Thanks for stopping by! –W.C.C.

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  1. Thanks I needed that...I've been such a lazy boring blogger lately. Seems like my life has been such a bore. I'm blaming it on the snow!