Saturday, April 17, 2010

Reader's Links - "TWO-FER"!

Ok it’s the weekend so let us depart just a moment from the normal random light-weight mirth which consumes so many of my posts. Don’t worry, nobody has died and I am not asking you to spend your hard earned cash. What I do have today is actually a couple of links for you to check out. In both cases, your participation might possibly make a big difference for a lot of people though so take a second and click through.

Now the best part about these gems is that they are contests of sorts so there is no cost whatsoever. I just thought both were intriguing and worth a few minutes to ponder. Second, BOTH links were emailed to me so thanks are in order for my active and engaged readers who truly put the O.M.G. in the PJ ‘MonObloGs’ and make them fun to write.

Ok, if I keep it up, like Congress, it will take only 2000 more pages to pack it all into this post. So to avoid that terrifying potential, the first link is the ConocoPhillips Energy Prize. This is a sponsored by the energy giant in association with Penn State. They are offering up to $300,000 in cash to hopefully spark a new idea or two for creative alternative energy solutions, energy conservation ideas, or ways to combat climate change. So if you think you have developed the perfect perpetual motion machine (No not your kids), then check out this contest and see if you can help make a difference.

Click here for the CONOCOPHILLIPS Energy Prize description and contest rules.

Ok, if actually putting a pen to paper is just too much for you to compete for the Energy prize, maybe you could spend less than 30 seconds and simply CHOOSE ONE charity from the twenty noted in the link and help them receive a $10,000 donation from Lightspeed Aviation Foundation. This is a major manufacturer of aviation headsets and they apparently need help in spending their money.

All of the groups are worthy charities, but my wife, kid, myself, my friends, and even my MOTHER have all worked with Wings of Hope based here in St. Louis. I have many friends that fly for Angel Flight and the Civil Air Patrol and I do favor organizations like the AOPA foundation because they promote ongoing flight safety and we can never have enough of that in aviation. Wow, I should probably not have unduly influenced your vote but heck, it’s my blog so with all the hot air I’m spewing, I thought I could at least throw CAUTION to the wind! Thanks for your indulgence!

Click here to choose one of 20 worthy charities to receive a $10,000 donation from LIGHTSPEED.

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