Saturday, April 17, 2010

The problem with COIN SORTERS

I was out at my local Office Depot this week and low and behold, I saw a really nice ‘all digital’ battery powered coin sorter. This was not some cheapy model either; it was one of the good ones drastically discounted down to $5.41. I was tempted, I mean REALLY tempted to buy it, but then I remembered that ALL of these machines have problems (and I ALREADY have an electronic coin sorter anyway).

The main issue with these coin rolling / counting jigs and electronic sorters is that they require COINS!!! Uh Oh, he’s finally lost it – of course they need coins? Well the thing is that now, except for those grocery store rip-off 9% surcharge ’ATM-esque’ change conversion machines, no bank wants your change or ROLLS for that matter. Banks HATE messing with coins and basically have relegated the process as an out-sourced task for firms like Brinks and Pinkerton’s security.

So we all rush out and buy these $30 nifty coin counting machines to help us roll coins and banks don’t want to take them because THEY did not tally the coins themselves. The catch-22 is that they REFUSE to count coinage either because they do not even have commercial coin-counting machines on-site any longer? Your coin deposit will not be officially ‘booked’ until the 3rd party armored service RE-COUNTS your rolls and then reports back to the bank. They will in turn FINALLY record the deposit days later based on their vendor’s counts NOT YOURS. So what’s the point of ever counting anything or buying roll sleeves, or counters?

I kind of think we should all move to paying all denominations of less than a dollar in STAMPS anyway. They are pleasing rectangles and flat enough to fit inside my wallet. They don’t weigh much and they won’t jangle around with my keys or short my spare coin sorter batteries in my pocket. Just think, no more fears about leaving unattended tips on restaurant tables. When your server appears, you simply just lick and stick 5 or 6 First Class stamps and press them on the staff’s forehead. What could be easier? Oh no, I forgot something. Stamps are getting so pricey that soon I will need a BIG BILL sorting machine to help stack cash for my post office visits. I wonder if Office Depot has any of those laying around for five or six bucks?


  1. I first saw an automatic coin counting machine at Oakstar Bank, the most modern bank in Springfield, MO. It's free and you can deposit it or have the money in bills. Then I saw one in Wal-Mart but don't know if it's free. Anything beats rolling coins though -- which is why I use Rebate Credit Cards and pay them off as due. It HURT to 'catch up' once the debt grows, but feels good never to pay interest after that. And the hundred-or-so dollar rebates dropping in seem like FREE MONEY...(IF you don't add up how much you spent to get it.)

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