Sunday, April 18, 2010

Choose a PERFECT college

It was a year ago that we escorted our kid to Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas for the first time. My kid had been near the place many times before on her way to Corpus Christi, but she had never stopped in. Trinity was the last school to visit before the National college acceptance day of May 1st . Our plane arrived late but the school quickly escorted my kid to where she needed to be and my wife and I headed to a parent orientation. The weather was sunny and lovely which was always a good way to start, but we wondered if our daughter could feel at home at the place.

At lunch we all got to eat together in the dining hall and our daughter declared that she WOULD attend Trinity. We were surprised at her connection but were pleased with her excitement and sudden decisiveness. For all new college kids and their parent’s NO place is perfect but every school wants you to think THEY are. Every decision is magnified too because you are acutely aware, that while you’ve made a choice FOR something, you have also made a choice AGAINST something else.

That is some of the very first ADULT lessons that your kids will learn at college – you can’t do it all or be all things to all people, and no decision is risk-free . The real world starts creeping in very quickly and soon your time is filled up with new priorities and responsibilities. In many ways this new life is exciting and fun, but in other ways, as a few challenging classes and your odd roomie try to confound you, life is suddenly scary and harsh. Overall it’s precisely where you need to be though, and it’s exactly the stuff you need to learn in life; so in that sense, this place, THIS college, … it’s PERFECT!

So ‘Good Luck’ to all of you that are now in the shoes that we and our daughter stepped in for a test drive just twelve months ago. I don’t envy the work that you and your children have had to endure over high school’s final year. But I can assure you that very soon your collective efforts and patience will be finally rewarded with not necessarily the perfect college, but more importantly, A PERFECT CHOICE!

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  1. Yep, visiting actual colleges is important. Those colorful folders all the schools send the H.S. Seniors NEVER tell all the bad things about their schools. You need to visit and snoop online for comments and eyewitnessing more of their true nature. But wait! To know ALL the goods and bads, you have to become a student there. Good luck 'Shoppers!' Remember -- SOMEONE has survived and even thrived at EVERY school out there!