Thursday, April 22, 2010

Prime 9 Un-godly Creatures

Whether you believe in natural selection or a higher deity, when it comes to earth’s inhabitants, sometimes you have to just step back and say “What happened?” No I am not talking about rabid sports fanatics or two-faced politicians – those things are just too graphic even for this blog.

Ok, let’s warm up with a couple of unique but cuddly car wash cloths that are really animals, the ‘Sheep Pig’ (Mangalitza Gilt) and the ‘Komondor dog’. I’ll leave to you to decide which one is which.

Well those are not weird enough to really keep you interested and also most of us don’t get enough seafood in our diet, so let me help with Ziggy’s doppelganger, the ‘Blob Fish’, a ‘Yeti Crab’, ‘Sea Pig’, and our happy friend the ‘Axolotl’.

Well after any daring sea quest you have to come up for air right? So I’ll end with the three freakiest land creatures that I could find to complete the prime 9 – the ‘Star-nosed Mole’, ’Pink Fairy Armadillo’, and the ‘Aye-Aye’. I don’t know about you but I would never take my ‘eye-eye’ off him or the rest of his un-godly friends?

Ok, these weirdo creatures should be enough to whet your whistle or maybe your pants if you are easily frightened. But if you want more, follow this link to at least 16 more strange creatures to terrify and satisfy all at the same time. You can also link here for even more background data and a few more pictures of nature’s oddest of oddities – well except maybe sport freaks and lying political hacks. Enjoy!


  1. I would FREAK OUT if I ever came across any one of those in real life. And that blobby thing at the top? He has a weird human-like face. ewwwwww.

  2. Your choice between Natural Selection and a Higher Diety doesn't go far enough with these nasties! Seems like very UN-natural Selection or else something else to blame on "the Lower Diety." But I like stuff like this -- AFTER I've eaten.