Monday, April 19, 2010

Revolutionary 'Anytime Monoblog Muffins’

You know I’m sick of McDonalds getting credit for innovation. Yeah I know it is true that their dumb Egg McMuffin started the fast-food breakfast revolution in 1972. My jealousy is apparently not unique though as other lunch type restaurants have fully taken notice too. Did you see that now Subway has started to get in on the muffin madness? It’s true they will build you an egg and muffin based breakfast with your choice of toppings. My first problem with Subway is that they NEVER seem to be able to serve any FAST food. My second issue with both of these franchise giants is that their low calorie muffin sandwiches are only served at breakfast and therefore usually unavailable when I’m out and about.

For fun, I once wandered from fast-food place to fast-food place at breakfast-time to see what menu choices were relatively healthy. Sadly as you probably have noticed, with buttery croissant sandwiches, French toast sticks, biscuits n’ gravy, bacon, sausage, fried potatoes etc. there really is not a lot that you can eat if you are watching your waistline. I was actually shocked to discover that Wendy’s did not even offer breakfast options? One look around with nobody but workers in their restaurant until 11 AM might make them want to rethink that business model though?

So as you might have guessed, despite my angst, I am fairly impressed with Muffin and Egg sandwiches. They are high protein, low calorie dense little chunks of energy and especially if you make them yourself, you can even further control the fat and sodium content. Yes I know it is not the ingredients to make these sandwiches that’s hard, it’s the time involved right? Well actually I timed it and without heroics, I can enjoy a very hot, tasty and healthy ‘Monoblog Muffin’ in just under 6 minutes. I think that is a reasonable figure especially for those who hope to someday have a reasonable figure ourselves again.

So if you are game, buy some whole wheat English muffins (regular ones are ok too), eggs, low fat or Fat Free turkey or ham sandwich slices, processed low fat or sharp shredded cheese, and a bag of baby spinach. Spritz a skillet lightly with cooking spray and bust an egg and its yoke. Place 2 slices of low fat turkey or ham on the other half of the skillet. Now start your muffin in the toaster. Low fat cheese will survive skillet temperatures so you can place it directly on the turned meat and cover it with the fully cooked egg to make a stack of sorts. If using shredded full fat cheese or processed slices, place half directly on one side of the toasted muffin before stacking the meat and egg so it will melt. DO NOT use butter, mayo or salts. The skillet spray, natural fats and sodium in the meat and cheese is more than enough to make the sandwich tasty. Before topping with the other half of the muffin, stack some baby spinach, the remaining cheese and pepper to taste. Now you can use the THIN sliced bagels but they will add another 10 calories or so and ‘all white’ liquid Egg Beaters are fine if you are overly concerned with cholesterol. Don’t use a full sized bagel or it will double the bread calories. As with the Subway version though, I noticed the more complex flavors you add like peppers, onion, jalepeno, ‘everything bagels’ – whatever, the sandwich will lose its focus. Though there is meat involved, the featured protein is the egg so of course experiment to taste, but in reality, as McDonald’s has proven - simpler is better.

Do the numbers yourself and the ‘Monoblog Muffin’ comes in at a very respectable 270 calories which is 10% less than McDonalds and even healthier due to the reduction of saturated fat and sodium in preparation, as well as the addition of a green leafy vegetable. Take in this sandwich anytime with a small glass of orange juice or ½ cup of fresh fruit and you have covered a full portion of ALL the food groups. Wow, 2000 calories left to expend over the course of the day after such a satisfying, delectable, and nutritious meal; NOW that’s what I call revolutionary! Maybe Wendy’s should give me a call about a breakfast menu and we can ‘do lunch’ … uh I mean ‘Monoblog MUFFINS’!


  1. Thanks for commenting on my Suite 101 piece. Your Monoblog Muffins sound delicious will try to make it someday!

  2. Yum! I'll definitely have to give this a try. Sounds easy, too! :)