Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Food Packet Liquidity

You know something that always intrigues me is those tiny food packets at fast food places. I mean just about anything you can think of is now packaged in those easy-tear foil and plastic packaging. I love these little packets and the fun variety they can add to meals. I think that that if these things are so perfect for stuff like catsup , mayo, and jelly – why not for real food too?

I guess Burger King and McDonalds would feel like it is cutting into their business if they offered ‘trial- sized’ squishy packets of french fries or hamburgers along with the salt and pepper. If nothing else, these famous fast food joints could offer NASA astronauts unique treats like ‘ liquid McNuggets’ or a ‘suckable Whoppers’. We probably should work on some better names but you get the idea. Regardless, I think such foods would make astronauts delighted along with their standard dehydrated ice cream, space food sticks, and Tang that we know they all eat and tire of quickly.

I do save these packet foods because it helps when I have guests visit. No I still prefer buying Catsup and mustard in full sized bottles but usually we buy salad dressing in a jar not mayonnaise. So I if I have a guest who likes a bit of mayo on a sandwich, I will use one of these little packs to save the day. Picnics are a lot easier too if you throw in a few of those salt and pepper packets instead of the traditional glass shakers. Even a small honey pack or two can mix up with a straight margarine or peanut butter packet to make some really tasty bread toppings on the fly.

So make sure you pay proper reverence to those tiny food packs of salsa, relish, and horseradish sauce. Don’t just ignore them or throw them away thinking you won’t use them. They really can come in handy for bag lunches, picnics, and even parties for those oddball guests . If you want to try my idea of putting more substantial foods in liquid form, you can grind up some steak or veggies in the food processor and put it in a zip-loc bag. Sadly that is a true story for another time, when YOU get all your wisdom teeth removed – but don’t worry, I’ll remember to bring a packet of BBQ sauce to compliment that yummy liquid steak.

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