Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Prime 9 arrogant Celebs

Wow I know I am crossing into dangerous territory here criticizing some of your most favorite Hollywood types. I’m sorry as it is nothing personal, I just wanted to explore my automatic revulsion to certain stars, regardless of their fame or public reverence. I don’t know what it is about these people that bugs me so much. But even when I am at the library and movies are FREE, I still skip over their work even if they are blockbusters.

Actually I do know what I don’t like about these folks - it is their arrogance. Yeah they have sold millions of dollars in entertainment sales and they are famous but so what? There are lots of other stars that are not so full of themselves. Generally when an arrogant actor starts believing their own publicity then I lose interest in them, their press, and their projects. I’m sure you have your own unkind list, but for now you can mull over my prime nine least favorite, arrogant celebrities. I’m going to go enjoy a Spencer Tracy or Bing Crosby classic flick. Ooops – I’ve heard those guys were arrogant jerks off camera too!

1) Tom Cruise – Since he was young he thinks he is
‘oh so cool’ in a pair of sunglasses

2) Angelina Jolie – Honestly she just seems manufactured, hard and emotionally distant

3) Richard Gere – Even in comedic roles, I just want to cut off his mop of perfect hair

4) Ashton Kutcher – I just can’t get past his recreational drug user persona in serious roles

5) Rosie O’Donnell – Giant mouth that talks and talks but is incapable of listening

6) George Clooney – Committed only to himself – reminds me of a wooden totem

7) Sharon Stone – Hard edged and still thinks she ranks though she never did.

8) Kate Gosselin – ‘Wanna be’ to the extreme. Emotionally calculating and DULL

9) Sean Penn – Chavez and Castro as buds? Can’t respect someone this dumb

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  1. No arguments with the "picks" to pick on.
    But list could expand to include athletes, politicians and bigshots of all stripes. Common thread seems to be 'When you gain Power you want to USE it." As for the "Star-Stuck" (Stars stuck on themselves) they want to distance themselves from "ordinary people." Things YOU and I value aren't exotic enough for them. Their actions, choices, language, values and politics must be 'outre,' risky, shocking, hard-to-grasp, expensive and an 'acquired taste.' The Big Taboo is to be "ordinary," -- no matter how much better that might be.