Friday, May 14, 2010

The Trouble with Alcohol

I have never been overly interested in alcohol even as a teen. I was aware that it was around and adults drank it at parties and special events but it held no allure for me. My parents and close friends probably had something to do with that too as they did not drink for sport either. In essence, my peers and family, and MY BRAIN loved me for who I already was - not what I could become. Fortunately I was lucky and made it to adulthood without the dependency,expense,or TROUBLE with alcohol

I was too busy and broke in 'pre and post' college to get wrapped up with alcohol. I remember that I always had to be somewhere else no matter where I was at the time. Life flew by and I was mostly a ghost at school social events. I did agree to drive to a party or two since I would stay sober, but even that was fairly tame alcohol exposure by today's standards.

Sadly even dry’college campuses now are a haven for binge drinking. I personally think this is a really a dangerous sub-culture of society now. I am not a kill-joy, nor do I have any religious objections to a drop of the drink. I have just seen how destructive it can be with people who work for me or that I have worked for. These people routinely lose their money, dignity, and ultimately their health. The truly amazing thing is that they WILLINGLY PAY to do all those negative things to themselves.

The real trouble with alcohol is that nobody likes to acknowledge that it REALLY is trouble. Society has built up a tolerance that altering’ones mental faculties is normal or accepted behavior. In regular society, alcohol has gone from being reserved for special occasions to now the drug of choice for everyday escape. Regardless of your current situation, the one thing in life that always rings true is change. Even when my life is not going as perfectly to plan, I personally want my WHOLE brain capable of seeing and calculating the risk/rewards as new situations reveal themselves. I cannot do that if I allow myself to build up a dependency on drugs, alcohol and escaping my feelings. Life IS hard sometimes, but don't allow yourself or loved ones to make it harder by abusing alcohol. Your family, friends, society at large, and especially your wallet will thank you ... and oh yeah, I almost forgot, your brain sends its love too!

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