Thursday, May 6, 2010

Their World – My Rules

As Spring finds its stride and Summer warms up ‘on deck’, I kind of just stared out the window in awe of all the activity going on outside. No I am not talking about kids playing, or the mailman, or somebody mowing a lawn, I am referring to all the insects, bugs, birds, and everything else that has nothing to do with humans. It was amazing as I began to delineate each activity and its proximity to other busy activities, all happening among nature simultaneously. Somebody clearly had explained the rules to everyone else but me and I was on the outs.

Yes, for a few minutes I felt like I was cast in a Pixar animated film, as all of these creatures seemed lost in purpose, running around doing ‘something’ far more important than I was. They were clearly busy and not wasting time staring outwardly back at me or caring what I thought. My activities seem important to me too, but I wondered if the insects and birds would think so if they took the time to consider them?

I noticed a spider had basically built a web overnight directly spanning the middle of the window where my computer sits. It danced in the breeze and seemed geometrically perfect except for one odd corner that somehow had missed quality control. A cloud of swarming gnats hovered in a holding pattern ‘round and ‘round out in the middle of the yard. I could see them easily as a ray of sunshine lighted the column of miniscule flyers in an impossibly close formation against the dark forest. I heard the squawking of my friend, the sparrow mother, who has taken up residence in my bar-b-que cover. But this time she was frustrated because a garden snake of some sort poked his head about eight inches out of the nest and hole she formerly called home and apparently neglected to protect.

Sparrows, Cardinals, and woodpeckers would land randomly on the garden fence and fly off in a hurry so other birds could take their place. A couple of robins cocked their heads and listened intently to the ground; then magically yanked and consumed worms from the yard and hopped on to the next buffet item. The blades of grass have turned a dark shade of green. It perfectly contrasts the slow-motion shower of land-bound white cottonwood silk expertly surfing the air currents. I enjoy bearing witness to this hidden domain that is in plain sight, even if I am not directly included in nature’s dance. I know that it will always be ‘their world’ but my contribution too is valued. Even if it is merely to stop, look, listen, and quietly notice ‘them’ once in awhile – uh … before I get the hose and flyswatter out.


  1. I wonder what you'd feel if you saw all those
    creatures staring in your window at YOU?
    Lucky you are the only one non-busy enough
    to do the window-peeking.
    Nice observations, and good appreciation of
    something that goes unnoticed by us too often.