Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hurried Handcuffs

I was driving along a local main drag and across from the gas station in a mini mall of about 6 shops I saw a new business that was open. The name of the shop was Express Police Gear or something like that? The shop looked clean and reminded me of any safety or small janitorial supply retail store.

I did not have the good fortune to get inside yet, but I assume it consists of all that stuff that cops are saddled down with to do their jobs except for firearms and ammo. I think this place probably focuses on the ‘official’ shoes, t-shirts, belt, mace, handcuffs and the like. I have never seen a store like this at all and figured most police departments simply buy gear from ‘official’ mail order vendors or on-line?

It seems like a pretty good idea to have a retail outlet for cop stuff. You never know when you’ll need an extra pair of handcuffs WITHOUT the little release tab of the toy ones. Yes those always come in handy to restrain irritating friends or your kid brother. I guess I could use zip ties but I have the smaller ones so I always need to stick about 10 together if I want to get around something as fat as the wrists of people in my family. Maybe I will go in this cop shop and see how much a can of mace or pepper spray is? I used to keep this stuff handy in the car even if for no other reason than crazy dogs.

I did on one occasion repel a dog with pepper spray. It worked but mostly as a distraction. The dog did not seem incapacitated in any real way, but the smell clearly got him to stop advancing on me and think about his own peppery nose for a minute. That gave me enough time to hurry off and get my toy handcuffs to try and lock up that crazy dog. Ever since then, I have been a fan of pepper spray. Yes I need to visit that Police shop to pick up a case of spicy spray . Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner and my nachos never have enough peppers!

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