Thursday, June 23, 2011

Extended Warranty

The dishwasher gave out this week. Actually it still works perfectly to me, but my wife said it keeps ‘giving out’ little lumps of chewed food and grime which apparently in ‘her world’ means stuff isn’t getting clean? I don’t see the rest of the animal kingdom making a big deal over a little leftover nacho sauce stuck to their tv-dinner trays. That combo-chunk of green beans, rice, & gravy is actually like a little ‘bonus’ snack and a solid food reminder of how bountiful our lives really are while we can still chew.

Anyway the predictable result was I had to go raid my kid’s piggy bank and see how much newer of a dishwasher I could get with a sack of pennies, a forced smile, and a credit card. Turns out our local Goodwill is a primary source for used underwear, arch-less footwear, and broken down recliners, but except for George Foreman grills and Civil War era microwaves, it’s not a good choice for roach-free appliances. I had left my jet-pack at home so I fought off the primal instinct for flight and instead drove toward salvation and divine guidance for my unwashed from our local mall-bound Sears Outlet.

I know it seems counterintuitive to go to a mall to buy an appliance instead of fashion but what do you expect from a grunt who gets his Nikes and knickers in bunches from a second-hand store? Being politically correct I did not look at the white dishwashers but instead focused on the stainless steel models. In the end however since the whole kitchen is black I settled on an avocado and mandarin orange theme because it fits with my Midwest taste for style and I guess I was a little hungry.

Checking out was relatively painless especially when the guy looked up my rarely used Sears account to save me another 10% on my purchase. WHEEE, no more illegal alien dishwashers for me, I wish I had to buy appliances and save money like this every day! That is until we got to the extended warranty part of the transaction. Gee when did these things end up costing as much as the ACTUAL THING that you are buying? I think a couple of years was $170 and 5 years of added warranty was around $300.

Did anyone stop and think in 5 years I could just go buy another NEW Jack LaLanne juicer or a Fry Daddy for mommy and be miles ahead? Needless to say I passed on the extended warranty and decided to live life on the edge like ice skaters, gang members and cutlery salespeople do. Anyway the bottom line is I don’t want to live in an America where my appliances have better health care and a longer extended warranty than I do!


  1. Ha ha ha! You go, dude. I refuse all those stupid extended warranties since most of them are a waste of money, anyway.

  2. Very funny - extended warranties are the salesman's way to a bigger check! I think the dried food left on plates is great - it has been washed clean of germs and cooked again in the heated dry cycle!

  3. Wow -- you skipped the Extended Warranty?
    Now you'll have to pay after you try to fix
    the thing and really mess it up!
    You're either braver than I am or more honest.

  4. I always get the extended warranty. If it's free. Sure, give it to me.

    Good luck with the new one.

  5. I love it when you tell the sales person no thanks on the extended warranty and he ends up looking like you told him you were going to eat his first born! He then continues to push the sale of the extended warranty even harder. Until he finally gets the idea and realizes he is deflated and walks towards the register all shlumpy They must be one step closer to winning the lottery ever time they sign someone up for one!


    Thanks for the comments on my vanity. I love the fact that I don't have to do anything to it, yea me!


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  7. They must get a whole lot more profit on these warrantys. Just Say NO! is the correct response.

    Love the sound of the colour scheme - photos?

  8. Our old dishwasher lasted about 25 years. The new one doesn't work well after a couple. Seems like major appliances are now disposable like everything else.