Thursday, August 23, 2012

Earthen aWARE

Despite the fact that I live in a dusty hovel, burrowing  ‘mole people’ like myself will never find a good career path in gardening. Oh sure at our local bum-slumber parties, I can dish the dirt with the best of them, or carry my share of the water after a couple of Big Gulps. But sadly, the only way my thumb and other assorted fat n’ hairy parts will ever turn green is if I DYE ‘em and go to necrosis heaven.

Since I used to help grow and manage plants, ‘Produce’ has always been in my vocabulary, except in all truthfulness, those places were of the mechanized variety rather than the organic.  As far as floral arrangements, veggies, and shrubs go though, no matter how hard I’ve tried to learn PISTIL shooting I have never been good in flower beds. Sadly, even the worms won’t trust me with their silk plants or sheets until I pony up a capful of Mulberry wine as a worthy bribe for their time and attention.

You see when I was a kid, my Hillbilly parents’ bad JEANS along with those silver spoons they gave me as a rattle, obviously made me allergic to four letter dirty words like ‘hard’, ‘yard’, & ‘work’.  Clearly my nicknames of ‘Bull’ and ‘Dozer’, have more to do with how I lie and snore since making the earth move has never been my strong suit. I guess I need to call a spade a spayed and accept that regardless of how many blisters I suffer from shoveling, I’ll never make it as a good gardener, politician, or veterinarian.

Yeah, digging holes should be left to picky professionals like nature’s woodpeckers and those brawny top-drawer landscapers with hemorrhoids. Tan-less larvae like me have an obligation to step-up and make our own sacrifices for society by testing soft recliners, cool air conditioning, and sweet tea - right? So what if I’m not ‘earthy’ and my only groundbreaking achievement is pulverizing concrete when I walk across it?  At least this way I can still CRACK something up without trying to be somebody that I’m not, like a funny crash test dummy or a belt-less portly plumber!


  1. Even if your blog isn't funnier, YOU are
    funnier looking. You give new meaining to the
    term "POT HEAD."
    You'd bring a good price at a flea market.
    Even more if some horror movie director
    replaced you for Jason and his hockey mask.
    If I don't see your film I'll still read your blog.

  2. Does it count as going green if your greens are all plastic plants?