Thursday, December 13, 2012

Minty Fresh ‘BLAHG’ idea

My mind might be a little SCROOGED up but I am curious why we send greeting cards ‘en masse’ only on Christmas.  It’s not as if there is anything else going on in December that requires lots of attention, so why not add phonebooks of correspondence into the milieu too? After all, like a fat man’s pants, most folks love stress and somewhere in the bible it says ‘thou shalt prop up the post ‘O’ doesn’t it?

I mean why should I feel compelled to save up and wait to reveal the fact that I stubbed my tootsies in February when December is so far away. I am sure all of my friends, family, and fungi should be on a need to know TOE basis and are anxiously waiting updates on such vivid and meaningful details about my Cajun blackened feet. Why not send a batch of personalized Post-its about my piggies on Columbus day, Daylight savings day, or most apropos - GroundHOG day too so I can keep Hallmark happy all year long.

Let’s face it, the one or two people and free range farm animals on my ‘nice’ list are probably already aware that I ‘think of them’ often, and the ‘naughty’ rest will either hear from me after parole or from my obituary. I’m not anti-Christmas as much as I am ‘anti-glue’ on the backs of those pasty faced greeting card envelopes. Have you ever tried to swallow a ‘sammie’ after licking 100 nasty fragrant flaps with a minty tinge – ‘white BRED’ lips  n’ toothpaste though comical, are not my best feature nor a savory snack.
Too bad there is no way to elope from the “ ‘lope” and send regular greetings  with worthless personal details daily all year long to people I don’t remember or know what I’m talking about. If only somebody had a great idea of how to instantly communicate WITHOUT all the paperwork and tongue gumming of paper and pen. Ahh who am I kidding, such a utopian ideal is just a pipe dream for eggheads who keep their Faces in Books or Twitter on ceaselessly about some new fresh ‘blah blah’ blog they read – it’ll never happen!



  1. yes you are right that in our facebooked future the need for end-of-year letters will be needed by very few. Thanks for supporting the postal service.

  2. Thanks for your card Billy. We appreciate and enjoy your annual note so very much.

    I haven't sent cards in awhile, but I do continue to support the USPS.

    You can always find me at BPM, FB, Twitter, etc etc etc.......
    Merry Christmas!
    Patty and big J