Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bizzy Buzz Buzz Phone

My father recently reminded me of the 1960’s toy affectionately called the ‘Bizzy Buzz Buzz’. It is simply a battery operated pen tip that spins in tight concentric circles. It’s cute with a red plastic housing, shaped like a flying cartoon bug. It was made by Ohio Arts, the same people who make the timeless ‘Etch –a –Sketch’ drawing toy.

Now actually I originally had interest in this product due to its name. I happen to carry an irritating cell phone which ONLY vibrates and can no longer ring. Yes in the hub-bub of an average day, I have to “FEEL” an incoming call with a ‘bizzy buzz buzz’ in my pocket. Now obviously I am not a power cell phone user. Like the old joke , the only weather update I get on my phone is if it’s wet, then I know it’s raining; and when it’s warm – uh well it’s always warm ‘cause it’s always in my pocket. No matter where I am, I still routinely startle with an effeminate squeak when that foreign vibration assaults my thigh.

I keep my man-handling Buzz Buzz phone because it is cheap and offers free texting which is a rarity with newer phones. Other members of my family carry smart phones and as much as I love the functionality, the reality is I am usually available via land line. Further, my little mute phone costs about the same yearly as my daughter’s fancy smart phone runs in a single MONTH, and mine has a flashlight.
So at least my buzzy phone will turn concentric circles around high costs especially if trying to buy that ‘antique’ Buzzing Pen toy. In researching this post, I discovered a sycophant following of Bizzy Buzz Buzz lovers that would pay a lot for that buzzy bug toy?

Really? I just do not remember that pen as being all that engaging? I mean it was fine, but nothing like Legos or even Hasbro’s Spirograph for creative fun. I have linked the reminiscent bizzy buzz buzz page here for your review. I kind of wish I had one of those plastic buzzard toys to give these poor folks to help ‘complete’ them. I wonder if they would be just as happy with my buzzing bum phone if I taped a ballpoint pen to it?

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  1. Thanks for the memory.
    Plus how can it be consigned to "The Isle of Forgotten Toys" if we still remember it?