Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tattoo’s Special Taboos

Wow here is a subject that honestly I haven’t an ‘inkling’ of first-hand knowledge. However, I have never been a fan of visible body art for anyone who has to WORK for a living outside of a tattoo parlor. I personally am not drawn to people who feel compelled to write all over themselves instead of on a piece of vellum or canvas. This is probably from childhood because it was always the ‘special’ kids who drew on themselves, had crayon-laden orifices, and ate all the paste. I still have a tiny graphite point tattoo embedded under my skin from one of those kids.

Oh now I am in trouble. I am sounding too judgmental I know. Actually I am not in real life however. I remember talking to an extremely well-spoken gentleman on the phone and I agreed to meet him regarding some business. You can imagine my surprise when this towering wall of a man greets me in full black leathers, a red bandana, a long ponytail, and was covered in tattoos. Let me just say, if I met this guy in a dark alley somewhere, I would have required extra bleach for my ‘un-tidy whities’. But as soon as we tossed out the normal niceties and a formal handshake, I was again so impressed with this guy’s poise and demeanor. I admitted to him that at first blush he was scary by appearance alone but his true personality carried him well. He understood completely and said it (the tattoos) had become a problem in getting jobs and he wished he had been a bit more reserved when he was younger.

Don’t get me wrong, he LIKED his body art, he just wished that they were not the FIRST thing that defined his character to the outside world. I got that - we became friends and worked together for some years. What brought this memory forward was an Inside Edition story ( I know trash TV – I only watched it once I swear). That tattooed girl who broke up the James / Bullock marriage lamented her decision to EVER get any tattoos. She went on to say “ I wish someone would have told me” etc. etc.??? Now come on – your entire BODY is covered in tattoos. Why does anyone have to tell you that this is probably NOT a great idea?

Now honestly, I do not care if people, including me, like or dislike tattoos. If you are of age and feel ‘complete’ by somebody rubber stamping you for life with a tiny needle – then have at it. But don’t be shocked by societal judgments or discriminatory reactions when you have PURPOSELY gone out of your way to rebel and engender THOSE EXACT RESPONSES from us. In most cases, people like myself, don’t REALLY know your inner ‘nougat’ or have a lot of time to ponder your ulterior angst. All we have to go on is the advertising image you display on your outer wrapper. The reality is that in business, IMAGE and ADVERTISING are equally as important as quality. So when it comes to body art, simply follow the old cartoonist’s adage – “Think before you INK!” There now somebody HAS TOLD YOU! Don’t you feel special?

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  1. From all that I gather you object to Piercing too? Good! We can feel sorry for accidental ugliness, but INTENTIONAL debasement is inexcusable and disgusting.

    Maybe someone should record a song based on a Golden Oldie:

    "Pierching -- Piercing Will Hold Us To-Geth-er.."

    Well, I've seen it work on OTHER basted turkeys.