Friday, September 24, 2010

The agent behind the Orange

As I was wiping my greasy fingers of a thin layer of agent orange dust or something just as toxic, I started to wonder what is it that I love about Cheese Doodles so much. I mean after all, they are just some puffed up caloric corn meal extrusion in the shape of a small zeppelin aren’t they? Well to us maybe, but to the spirit of a big cheese ball named Morrie Yohai (1920-2010), 'Doodling’ was literally THE invention of his life.

Not that Morrie thought so mind you. He was busy with other important stuff like deciding on what toys to stuff into Cracker Jack boxes. Yohai never completely appreciated how popular his tubular crunchy snack would become when he created and named it in the late 50’s. However, I think the snack king secretly must have embraced his 70’s ‘inner hippie’ with that nifty neon-orange powder coating that should show up perfectly under a black light.

Now while I love these snacks, I usually prefer to get my natural ‘Snooki’ self-tan from a bottle, instead of some artificial cheesy sack of finger food. My t-shirts never look quite as white after I bust into a bag of these better than cheddar snacks, especially when I’m squeezing ‘em dry for a glass of orange juice.

Yes, poor Morrie never realized the pure, unbridled joy that his corny creation would bring to the future of family snacking. Clearly, there are few foods in life which are more fun sticking out of random orifices than cheesy corn cylinders. Shove ‘em under my lip and I’m a vampire; Stick them in my ears and I am Franken-freak. And let’s not forget the nose – that’s the Holy Grail of places to plug-in cheesy, crumb-covered snacks. Yes, next to mini-marshmallows, everyone ‘NOSE’ that there is no better ammunition than a depot of wet ‘doodles’ when declaring a ‘full-blown’ snack attack – as long as they’re only ORANGE!


  1. I feel the same way about "Pirates Booty' except it has the white cheese! Best thing about where I buy them is they come in a two pack! Did I mention Costco? Love that store!

  2. I might be watching The Jersey Shore, currently. Snookie is looking a bit more brown than orange in this episode.

  3. Bugles are great for sticking on fingernails and stuffing up the nose, too.

    When I was a kid, my favorite thing to do was hole up in my room with a great book and a bag of Cheese Doodles. I returned many an orange book back to the library.

  4. I just happen to be snacking on a bag of Ranch Flavored Quaker Rice snacks. Don't hate. They're not so bad. Maybe not as good as the orange stuff, though.

  5. I have never eaten a Cheese Doodle. They sound great and I'll try to find some.
    But don't bother to offer me any after you've shoved them up your nose.
    I have never done that either. Doesn't it cause you to BREATHE IN some Doodle Dust? I think it makes people eccentric and they start to write strange blogs. (But keep it up.)

  6. I am not a huge fan of the Doodles. The crunchy cheetos, yes, but never the doodles. Too much air, not enough doodle.