Saturday, September 25, 2010

Old age peek is not for the meek

Can somebody explain to me what nature’s plan was for these crazy hairs that grow out of my ears, nose, and eyebrows? Now I don’t remember these stiff wiry clown hairs when I was a kid and you’d think back then, I should have still had enough ‘hot and fresh’ brain cells to remember? So why now does my DNA decide to pull forward to my drive-up window, and sneak in an extra large order for these freakish follicles?

Now I am not too vain. As I get older I have willingly looked past a few extra crow’s feet in addition to the scrawny pair I stand on. I accept a little extra face flapping when I belly up to the jet blast of airplane, or skydive without the liberal application of duct tape reinforcement along the jowls. But these hairs – why me? Who deserves to start growing screwy side burns and a brow-line briar patch as soon as the top turns a tad frosty?

Now what gets me is that these weird hairs are not content to just grow in a normal, organized, linear fashion, like the rest of my tight-napped crown. No these hyper things grow like they are jazzed up on a bad mix of Red Bull and Turkish Espresso. They bend and fold back upon themselves until I’ve got a fresh crop of paper clips sprouting from my ears.

Oh well I had better get used to nature’s syndicated sit-com called old age because I think my hair troubles are just the beginning of this tired old-man circus. I’m going to try my best to resist, but my knees creak, my vision’s weak, and my hairy widow’s peaked! Don’t worry, the news isn’t all bleak – at least for now, I don’t seem to INVOLUNTARILY leak!


  1. I've been blessed with bushy brows, have you tried waxing? It works wonders, although that could get tricky when it comes to the ears and nose!

  2. You are such a clever writer! I laughed out loyd at the paperclip comment. Haaaaa!!! I also loved the little poem at the end. It's funny that you commented on my creativity on my blog, but yet you are SUPER creative AND you post everyday. I just post 2-3 times a week. My brain must be fresh out of those "hot & fresh" brain cells!

  3. Our wish for you:

    May your hairs be the worst of your cares,

    And may all your leaks be voluntary.

  4.'d be funnier if you were female and writing this. ;)