Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Dopey “Ipod-ostles”

Now I have never joined the exclusive club of the ‘I-FAD’ generation. I am aware of MP3 players and solid state memory which allows folks to buy and store thousands of songs if they want to, I just never understood the need? Aren’t all those songs available free on most any radio station? Once you listen to them a few times, isn’t it time to move on to the next new thing so why keep them all?

Have you ever noticed when you have so much choice, it is impossible to settle down and make a decision. So if your brain is like mine and you have a hundred cable channels on TV, you’ll always be wondering what is on the other 99 you’re NOT watching. I have this same problem at the market in the cereal aisle. The last time I CHECKED, just in Chex products alone, they have Wheat, Rice, Corn, and Bran products, along with sub-varieties of each like Honey Nut and Cinnamon. With all those healthy ‘checkie-choices’, when will I ever find room to fit in my Franken Berry and Count Chocula sugar fix?

With these modern music players I also don’t like those tiny ear plugs which have to be practically surgically installed into your ear canal. Is this good to have a constant din of loud music literally pounding away on your anvil with your hammer? I have never had a pair of these small earphones which is not tangled into a rat’s nest of knots. Mine always end up becoming baggie twist-ties rather than for their intended musical purpose. On the upside however, it is always easy to find a perfect fit for NEW earphones, because due to my lack of Q-tip hygiene, I always carry an EXACT ‘wax cast’ replica of my inner ear with me.

So sadly I guess I will now be classed as an old geezer since I have not joined the ranks of the loyal Ipod fan club. I think it’s rather funny though to want to be in this fad club since don’t only whales and furniture moving companies hang around in PODS? On second thought it makes sense though, because the last guy’s that moved the junk into my house were about the SIZE of whales. They were a little BACKWARD too, but you’ll be happy to know that they all had Ipods – in my opinion, that makes them ‘DOPI’!


  1. I've had a Nano for four years. I was pretty skeptical of the whole thing, too, but then my Most Excellent Friend and her groom gave me this little gadget as a thank-you for being maid-of-honor. It would have been precious enough just for that but on my very first business trip using it, I began to quickly understand and appreciate its value. (Think screaming baby in seat behind you.)

    Also, an excellent product for bus commutes, long therapeutic walks. and for the record, the earbuds they come with SUCK. I bought some adapters (soft cushy things that fit over those dime-sized circles) and it's MUCH better.

  2. I have an iPod since its inception. I've had it so long, people used to come up to me and say, "What is that?" But I am rather a musical fiend and very particular about my music and I hate the stagnant overplayed crap on the radio. Thank God for satellite.

    Oh and for those ear bud's they're awful! I have tiny ears evidently, because even the child sized ones are too large for my ears and they hurt like the dickens. I have to wear the old over the ears ones,which makes me look like a total dweeb. But it is better for your hearing.

  3. Hi Billy
    Didn't want you to lose track of the old Back Porch. Long story...it disappeared without fanfare yesterday between noon and 1pm. I had just published a post that mentioned your mom's inspiring carousel ride!

    I've moved the porch over to Typepad...hope to see you there! The name is the same just the address changed.

  4. I love my iPod....but I love it streaming into the room I'm in - not pounding in my eardrums.