Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The pleasures of elections

Well regardless of who your favorite son or daughter did in the tallies, the pleasure of elections is when they are OVER! I don’t mean to sound unpatriotic. I am actually thrilled to live in a country where I can exuberantly stand up and be counted without literally losing my head!

At the end of the day though, it is nice to put all of the constant noise and chaff to bed. I think overall though, politics must certainly be good for the economy. I mean just look at how many tv and radio ads are sold. I would guess that if you owned and were paying the bills for a TV station, you would wish for an election vote EVERY Tuesday and a Superbowl EVERY Sunday.

I am not sure what the big hyped surprise of this election is however? How many of your friends would remain so if you simply ignored them even when they were waving their arms, sending smoke signals, and pleading with you to slow down and LISTEN? The electorate felt ignored and cheated so what do you expect, roses and champagne or a big old kick in the pants?

Now don’t get me wrong, there is no mighty mandate here. The people just went on a ‘bad date’ so it is going to be awhile before they warm up to finding ‘Mr. or Mrs. Right’ again. If the newbies saunter into Washington expecting to be loved or even liked without earning their way back into our hearts, they will end up lonely and kicked to the curb next time too.

The biggest pleasure of this election might be, if we are lucky, our politicians, regardless of party, will start treating the U.S. Treasury with the same care and respect that they do their own checkbooks? Hmmm, on second thought though that is probably a dangerous proposition … I bet their personal checks bounce even bigger than their overinflated egos!


  1. Nice post, Billy!

    Thanks so much for stopping by the ol' back porch. I thought of you when I wrote about the electrical outlet. We certainly enjoyed our "fireplace" last night. I think it's a keeper.

  2. What??
    You mean you don't burst with patriotic pride
    when you see all those "Vote For" signs
    blossoming all over your formerly neat,
    well-kept neighborhoods?

    But consider without the Mud-Slinging we'd
    never know which knaves DESERVE to be plastered
    with it. Next election I wouldn't be surprised
    to see "ELECT SO and SO" signs replaced with
    "KILL So and So!"

    Makes me sometimes wish we lived under a 'Benign Dictatorship."
    If there WERE such a thing. Probably as rare as a
    "A LITTLE Socialism."


  3. This was my most uniformed election yet. I feel pretty good about that.

  4. I saw a church reader board, it's message:

    I am God and I approve this church.

    Even God is getting into the whole election thing.

    He just has a different take on it!

  5. Yup...I'm glad it's over, too. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming!

    I remain cautiously optimistic....though I still think no matter who is in power, we're headed down the steep slippery slope to nowhere. How was that for pessimism at it's finest?