Thursday, October 21, 2010

Greet This!

In one of my weekly treks I ventured into a Wal Mart where I was happily waved at by one of their door greeters. I am curious about this job on a number of levels. Do you have to have any kind of training to be a greeter or is something that you are just ‘born’ with? Is the ‘Greeter’ position a coveted job or is it like the leftover job that nobody wants and has to draw straws for at the beginning of a shift? I think it is a job that takes a LOT of experience because everyone I ever see doing it has been around since the war … the CIVIL war.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to be a greeter snob or ‘uppity’ in any way. In fact I tried to imagine myself as a greeter but I doubted if I would make the grade. Not only am I about 60 years too young, but Wal Mart likes to maintain a friendly atmosphere. Though I try to be nice and happy most of the time, my face always seems to be scowling. I think it is a birth defect or something.

Yeah I figured my melon-head had more soft brown spots on it than the typical ‘normal’ baby banana does. I think when I was born, my parents must have inadvertently pinched my face into a permanent frown while reaching for cigarettes and alcohol. I didn’t know it then but my life surely had limited job potential as a joyful party clown, or worse, a Wal Mart greeter.

I always wonder if the ‘Greeters’ are actually like super secret store detectives watching every patron’s move, looking for shoplifters and hooligans. They probably have sophisticated electronic surveillance gear hidden underneath that wheel chair or behind that little podium. They seem all warm and fuzzy on the outside but I am guessing that is because of all the shawls and doilies they are wearing.

I actually think they are secretly probing and scanning me as I walk in and out of the store. Too bad that I will never know the pleasure of having such awesome power and responsibility as the dutiful blue-vested Greeter. The only thing I ever get to probe freely is a stopped up toilet or maybe a waxy orifice or two. If I play my cards right, at least I still have a chance at becoming a parking lot ‘shopping cart collection dude’ someday – those folks ALWAYS have a frown on their face!


  1. I swear it's a "make work" kinda know, to give those who can't do anything else...something to do. (Besides writing blogs.) Heehee.

  2. There is an older gentleman who is a greeter at my nearest Walmart. He apparently is quite invested in his job. He has a very loud, booming voice, and will say, "Hellllloooo." "Gooodbbyyyye."

  3. That's what makes Walmart so special, no other store greets you and gives you a cart with the handle wiped and sanitized.

    First class all the way!

  4. W.C., I don't care what those cigarette-totin', alcohol-drankin' parents told you, you can be anything you want inside of Wal-Mart or eenywarz!!

  5. Hey, Bub -- after getting dusted by those
    maniac drivers in the parking lot, the grinning Greeters look really good to me!
    Also, if I met your parents I'll bet they'd
    say they needed the alcohol and cigs to survive raising a Wild Child like you.
    I imagine your being funny is all that saved
    you from becoming a 'Basket Baby' on someone
    else's porch!

  6. This is something I have threatened J with, ever since his retirement. If I run out of things to do around here, I will definitely send him to Wal-mart greeter school.

    I've met your parents and love them very much. Along with your pinched face, they passed along our family's quirky sense of humor. For this I am happy and very proud.

  7. See, my Walmart Greeter is old but she is NOT friendly. Pam thinks she is the cart marshall with her drawn on eyebrows and her florescent red hair. Every time I select a different cart because mine only has 3 functioning wheels, she gets her grannie drawers all up in a knot because I had the audacity to put a cart back and take a new one. I'm thinking of applying for her job so she can get the heave ho, but I'm afraid I don't have any liver spots, yet.