Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Team America needs MORE Bunnings!

It’s interesting that almost the entire U.S. Senate is ready to throw Kentucky Senator, Paul Bunning(r) under the bus? I mean what has this guy done but TELL THE TRUTH about Washington spending. I am disappointed that not one other voice will join Bunning in his very reasonable call to find funding for the program BEFORE voting it into law. His position is SO rational and EXACTLY how a normal family might address its own budget slimming concerns – why is this guy treated like some kind of nut? Bunning acknowledges that nearly ALL of the Senate wants this $10 billion bill to pass. BUT if they cannot come together to find a sane way to pay for THIS tiny amount (relatively), how can they EVER honestly expect to pay for a $1 Trillion health plan? The answer is folks – THEY DON’T?? Congress has ceased any understanding of the pairing of words “fiscal responsibility”. Washington is a bloated, overweight & wheezing former Quarterback. Team America is not impressed!

It is no wonder, the Tea Party movement has grown in metoric popularity over the last year among Americans from all political factions. When Republicans and Democrats both don't seem to 'get it' and can't find the spine to say 'NO' to borrowing or printing cash - the time is at hand that we need to clean house.

I understand that people are temporarily out of work as State construction projects stop but it bothers me that various State officials almost immediately start whining like schoolchildren when their allowance is cut-off. Did not the President just remind us all not to go off willy nilly to places like Las Vegas for fun if we could not afford it? Why is this so hard for these people to understand? WE DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY SO WE CANNOT SPEND IT! We need to control ALL SPENDING, even small amounts, until we get back to some semblance of fiscal liquidity. Endlessly extending unemployment benefits over and over may seem compassionate for a few, but Washington has an OBLIGATION to be compassionate to ALL THE PEOPLE not just a few. The best way to do that is to STOP UP THE SPENDING FAUCET and start paying your debts. Bunning is simply the tip of the sword that is increasingly prepared to cut the fat and slim down this out of control spending. Let's hope the Congress can find its way to Weight Watchers and get on board?

My only negative impression of Senator Bunning is that I wish he was not so defensive. I know he is under tremendous pressure to cave-in and comply so after a while I am sure it is hard to keep saying no. But at the same time, I would prefer if he just smiled and stated his case with appropriate confidence that he is doing the right thing. The press will ALWAYS vilify someone who they perceive is an outsider especially if they espouse conservative fiscal restraint. But don’t give them powder for their cannons by acting surly and disagreeably combative. Just stand up as a proud American patriot and know that there are MILLIONS of Americans who believe in those same principles.

We as a people are ready to send the Washington fiscal abusers to 'Fat Camp'. No way are we going to allow Team America to keep on following this out of shape leadership on this hopeless path as the biggest loser!

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