Saturday, March 6, 2010

Life's Random Observations

Occasionally I have to break from my conventional patter to present a brief compendium of unrelated events that are interesting (at least to me). These topics usually do not have enough tread on the tires to earn a full-blown post individually, but still deserve an honorable mention or re-direct. Enjoy!

This whole “My three words” fad is all over the place again this year, or maybe it never went away? This was started a couple of years back when the ABC network asked people to express their emotion, need, or declaration in only three simple words. It has since been extended and adapted as a technique for goal setting or as a memorial to tragic events by regular folks to even celebrities. You can see tons of examples on the web but only here can you see my almost daily RECURRING sentiment in 3 words …

I had to laugh that Missouri put out a press release that it will join 18 other States in observing ‘Earth Hour’. The State Capitol, the Arch, and Busch stadium will all go ‘dark’ for an hour at 8:30pm on 3/27/10 to promote energy conservation. While the idea is noble, can you imagine the resources required in all these States to go shut down all those flood lights, have public works people shoot the breeze for an hour+ on overtime, then re-start those high powered lights? Yes I get the symbolism but would it not be a ‘teensy’ bit more meaningful if the action ACTUALLY SAVED ENERGY AND MONEY?

These following news items were pretty exciting. The Canadians stepped up again. I have NEVER been a fan of dodge ball, the game OR the movie, but the time lapse ceiling camera adds enough artistic beauty to this clip to make it interesting. Reminds me of my old Uncle Milty's GIANT Ant Farm. Edmonton Journal made this vid:

Now Snuggies on the other hand – those are my cup of tea! What better invention can there be than an ultra-soft, over-sized hunk of warm, cuddly fabric with arm sleeves built in? Oh yeah I remember – that’s called a ROBE! Still, a massive gathering of these ‘mock’ Monks is worthy of a gander. Thanks to the AP for this video:

And finally, who needs Will Rogers when I can just call upon my personal sage? Here lies the passing of one of my Dad’s most recent witticisms out of literally “a cast of THOUSANDS”. . .

"Why should I go to anyone's funeral if they won't come to mine?" – B.H. Camp, 2010


  1. Wow -- I thought you were handsomer than that
    image in the reflection!
    I'll bet your dad is better looking. I can't
    wait to go to his funeral and find out.

  2. He's not better looking - he just has more HAIR!
    Thanks for the comment