Monday, March 1, 2010

Obama bets Yuengling not Bud on hockey

I don’t know about you but my first reaction when I heard the President made his Olympic bet with Canada was “Wow the Chinese are even covering the U.S. bar bets these days?” I know Archie Bunker was more interested in political correctness than I am, but I thought I‘d better check out this special brew pronounced “YING-LING” before passing judgment. I honestly don’t have anything against foreign breweries, but geez do we have to choose one that sounds like it came from the “Baby Names for Giant Pandas” book?

I was quickly relieved to visit Yuengling’s website and find the familiar eagle that we have come to recognize as American’s lager … uh now wait a minute, I thought Budweiser had an eagle behind THEIR logo? Well I guess a fancy regal eagle is not something you can copyright? Apparently Yuengling is not only an American brewery, but the OLDEST American brewery based in the historic backyard of our founding fathers – Pennsylvania. In some alternate space time “worm-holey” kind of way, Ben Franklin himself is probably raising a glass right now and belching “U – S – A” with fervor!

Unlike the now Belgian and Brazilian owned Budweiser brand, Yuengling is an ALL-AMERICAN hold-out proudly started by German immigrants over 180 years ago. The German name means “Young Man” in English which though void of bruising machismo, is marginally better than “Kinderling” – or ‘children man’; likely Michael Jackson’s first choice German name for Jesus juice?

So with no big-time international cash to fund national distribution networks and the lawyers to fight off much larger breweries, I guess Yuengling stuck to Philly and the Eastern U.S.? Obama could not have had the pleasure of a frosty tall mug of Yuengling in Chicago, or anywhere else in the Midwest, so he must have acquired his preference for the brew during his tenure in D.C.?

This got me thinking as to what I might put up as a suitable offering if I was in command of D.C's big leather chair? Those little powdered tubs of Crystal Light lemonade seem to be too chintzy and diet Dr. Thunder Wal Mart soda is an acquired taste at best. So just to mix things up a bit, I think I would offer up a few bottles of Holland’s “ChocoVine” wine. Only the Dutch in a clog-induced Amsterdam fog could conceive of a commercial pairing of gluten-free chocolate & red wine. Oh sure we have ALL talked about it, but who would really do such a thing – Yum ???

So Congrats are in order for the Canadian hockey team. I won’t hold a grudge but lets just say, good old Idaho russets are replacing Yukon Gold taters in this household for awhile. I hope the Prime Minister enjoys his case of Yuengling even if he thinks it came from a Chinese Panda. He’d be wrong of course … Obama’s all American, Monsieur - uh well half Kenyan .. uh … umm – He’s the President ok and he's definately not a stinking Panda?! Ju...just take your hockey beer and Mountie hat and get back on your side of the Great lakes EH!

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