Saturday, August 14, 2010

Make your OWN 'Gump' Fate!

I know it is kind of past its prime but one of my daughter’s favorite movies is Forrest Gump. I am assuming she appreciates Gump’s incredible good fortune despite his limitations, and is hoping that someday Forrest’s 'luckiness' will similarly befall her? Now I don’t know if she noticed, but the 'tree'd one' has his share of bad luck as well, so I hope she’s ready for life’s little unexpected surprises. Maybe it is just me, but also did anyone else notice, that 'Forrest' guy is not really ‘Mensa material’ and cannot seem to see HIMSELF through the trees even if he had bionic vision?

And what’s the deal with Forrest’s Mom, Sally Field, and the chocolates? I don’t think ol’ Gumpy’s mama would not have had a problem with her confection confusion if Forrest had given her a Whitman’s Sampler and maybe a bottle of Boniva. Doesn’t Whitman’s have a guide or something on the box lid of their chocolates? And let’s face it the little flat ‘Stanley’ Whitman messenger guy in the middle, doesn’t everyone really know that can ONLY be milk chocolate? I mean there are no lumps or swirls on it indicating chocolate-covered fruit or nuts - so truly, if you choose the ‘Delivery guy’ - you know EXACTLY what you are going to get.

So what’s the point of all this you might ask? Well the answer is that more often than not, if you work at it a bit, you often can ‘make your own’ fate instead of being subjected to it. With another uneventful Friday the 13th, I usually chuckle that some folks stress over ‘bad omens’ and black cats, yet get excited over horoscope hoopla or positive fortune cookie predictions. Yes, Forrest often literally stumbled into some of his good fortune, but in many examples throughout the film, Gump is also instrumental through his ACTIONS in making ‘good’ luck lean his way.

No I don’t believe you can magically run your way out of leg braces, or make a fortune marketing Gulf shrimp (at least for now). But I do believe that if you concentrate on putting your best ‘Gump’ forward, stay determined, and position yourself to lead rather than follow, you can make the glass MORE than half full. You have to be harder working, willing to take-on more responsibility and yes even work for LESS pay in the short term, but you’ll get noticed and remembered. The next time promotions come up or pink slips go down, your peers will complain over their unbelievable lack of luck. But you’ll know better that not only did you make and deserve the opportunity, but you made your own FORTUNE as well. Gee, I guess I can see why my kid likes this movie so much, because ‘Lucky IS as Lucky’s MADE’!


  1. Very interesting post. Very good!

    I channeled Forrest..Forrest Gump, in a note to my LHS class e-mail group, not long ago and didn't get a reply. Sort of puzzled me, that it didn't generate a single reply.

    I just clicked post comment. When I saw the word verification I remembered something I have been meaning to asked you. I think you, with your amazing gift with words, could do a whiz-bang post using these little words. Or perhaps pass the challenge on to your dad.

  2. Ha ha! I am so with you on all those chocolates.

  3. You could be a motivational speaker, you know. (If only you hadn't been beaned in the noggin by a flying stereo speaker).

  4. I'm reading this 4 years after you wrote it.
    You must feel gratified that your daughter DID indeed
    make all the Gump Advice work to her advantage.
    Already carved out a great position in a big company
    whose products benefit health of many nations.
    Viva Gump, Your Blog and the American Dream that
    still is very much alive -- if those who dream it are !!!