Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Carpet Diem

You know I have a problem with floor coverings in that I hate them all. I wonder how cave folks used to handle their floors in days of old? Do you think every couple of years cave-husbands would hear from their cave-wives, that it was time to replace the ‘dirt’ in the cave because it’s … uh well, SOILED? At least there were few mysteries if any, about what was or wasn’t ‘tracked’ in, and who did it.

Maybe my cave-ancestors had the right idea and I should just fill my house with mulch. Oh I know the hot trends say that I should trade out my strawberry colored high/low shag with some fancy hardwood stuff. But then I won’t have a nice soft furry floor to sleep on, next to years of built-up dead skin, hair, and assorted DNA. Our wall to wall carpeting may seem a little old fashioned but except for that ‘wear-trough’ from the front door to the kitchen, bathroom, and up the stairs, most of it still looks new.

I like the look of tile and marble floors just fine but they are not the best choice of floor coverings in the Midwest. They are pleasantly cool in the summer but turn into icy blocks in the winter which suck out the life-blood of warmth with your every step, EVEN with socks on. I know linoleum tile is warmer and softer but even the good stuff reminds me of my pre-school days filled with terror, tears, and soiled pants – and those were just my teacher’s reactions!

I have installed one of those floating floors before and they are fine I guess as long as you keep the Dramamine handy. I always feel they are a little industrial for a home however. Yes there is nothing like the pleasure of coming home after a hard day to floor that looks and sounds like it has been borrowed from the shoe section at Sears. Now never fear, there is hope for me yet. I think I did find a type of flooring that I could easily love for a really long time – it was covered in spent peanut shells and smells just like spicy BBQ!


  1. A timely post. We are putting in hardwood floors this weekend in the kitchen/dining room areas and the living room.

    Now get out of my head, please. There's barely enough room for ME in there, let alone you, too.

  2. I'm sure my husband would love dead animal skin flooring.

  3. Our cats love our carpets, the carpets do not return the feeling. We are moving to a place with more hardwood and fewer carpets. So glad! They buyer is well off and will replace them here!