Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sole Man

Honestly I know I should eat more fish. While I do not eat much red meat these days, our crew around here eats a lot of turkey and chicken instead. On occasion when my daughter is complaining that she needs iron before giving blood, we will venture out for some ribs or a burger. But even then, at nicer restaurants, I am more of a ‘chicken man’.

Wow I really do not like the repressed memories called up from being a ‘chicken man’. Horrible images come to mind while I was a child when my parents would taunt me with an Easter card that featured a bright yellow chicken with a blood red beak. My folks will swear that I have it all wrong, but secretly my Dad tries too hard to hide a ‘ knowing smirk’ when this subject inevitably surfaces every Easter.

Hard to believe, when I was an adult, we kept a chicken as a pet for a few years. OK, I liked the egg production but beyond my responsibilities to begrudgingly feed and water her, that red chicken never ‘beaked’ my interest. It didn’t matter, the little red hen bonded more with my wife anyway. Yeah the tricky chick got its kicks by following my wife anywhere around our property, just like a dog.

Gee all this chicken talk REALLY makes me want to eat more fish so I can change my official food classification to ‘Sole Man’. I don’t mind seafood’s flavor at all especially when other people prepare it in THEIR kitchens. It seems though whenever I make fish at home … well the house REALLY STINKS? But I have to admit it’s worth it; there’s nothing like frying up a pile of those bite-sized 1200 milligram fish oil pills with a roll, side of rice, and a little garlic butter. Mmmmm – now that’s a meal with SOUL!

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