Monday, May 31, 2010

Priorities NOT Politics

With Obama’s decision to not go to Arlington cemetery this Memorial day, I am more disappointed with the President’s priorities than I am interested in mocking his patriotism. Bush Sr. and Reagan missed the wreath ceremony at Arlington at least once in their presidencies (both were not on vacation however). It’s not that the President is resting on his laurels – we all understand he’s got a very busy job. But the point is that HE has chosen, THIS one weekend out of all the options available, to tour the oil ravaged Gulf spill rather than attend a few hours at Arlington.

While the oil in the Gulf of Mexico is a horrible tragedy, the fact remains that it was there yesterday and the 40 days before that, and it will be there tomorrow, and sadly, literally for years to come. The President apparently is willing to take precious time away from his Chicago family getaway to highlight political face-saving in the Gulf, yet sends surrogate Biden to play second fiddle at Arlington? I can’t understand leadership making this decision.

Memorial day is but ONE DAY per year. It is the day we remember our fallen – our nation’s purest heroes who have sacrificed literally EVERYTHING for liberty and the protection of our entire citizenry. While the Gulf mess is horrible, it will eventually be cleaned up and the region will return to something approaching ‘normal’. On the other hand, the precious lives of our ‘gone forever’ military service people and their families, WILL NEVER GO BACK TO NORMAL.

Should not any Chief Executive, make this one day - this one tiny, yet incredibly symbolic MEMORIAL day, THE MOST IMPORTANT priority of his administration? Given the world we face, all Americans need MORE understanding and respect for the true meaning of Memorial day not less. Special holidays aside, the President has roughly 350 other really nice days on the calendar to extol grand political gestures and appease regional voting blocks. But NO, not today of all days, as our national priority should be clear. Our nation’s leadership is duty bound to respect, honor and above all else … REMEMBER. Because this day SHOULD BE different; this day is SPECIAL – yes, today is Memorial day, our highest priority.

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  1. I am a fan of Obama, but I realize he is imperfect in many ways and I was disappointed at his choice this morning as well.