Friday, May 28, 2010

REMEMBER – 90 Left

When you think of ‘extinction’, you’ve typically been taught to ponder the threatened rare and exotic flora and fauna around the world. Yes, somehow humans have made their presence felt in nearly every remote nook and cranny of nature’s grand plan, and are wildly criticized for speeding up its inevitable decline. However you are rarely asked to consider that indeed, some of those same humans are VERY SPECIAL and irreplaceable as well, but who will notice when they all, are soon gone.

Yes sadly John William Finn, (July 23, 1909 – May 27, 2010), an American Hero and Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, died yesterday. He was the last remaining Medal of Honor recipient that bravely distinguished himself at Pearl Harbor in 1941. Out of the 90 remaining distinguished Medal of Honorees, Lieutenant Finn was the oldest at 100 years of age.

The Medal of Honor is America’s highest military decoration. It is often bestowed posthumously to members of the U.S. armed forces, since by the nature of receiving it, the odds are very high that the honoree did not survive their acts of valor. In essence these folks are the best of the best, who faced the nation’s enemies and risked their lives, far above and beyond the expected call to duty.

So take a moment to remember Lieutenant Finn’s honorable service. Pause to notice the sacrifice of the 90 impossibly rare, true heroes that live-on of Finn’s breed. Revel in all of their accomplishments, heroism, and incredible love of country, that has somehow become increasingly extinct in today’s culture. Though eventually their bodies will fail, be thankful that these special American rarities can live-on forever in spirit, legend, and within the heart of every American true – all you have to do is REMEMBER.


  1. Nice tribute. We saw Mr. Finn talk about grabbing a machine gun and being wounded several times lying in the open firing at attacking planes. He was not bragging, "just doing what he'd been trained and paid to do."

  2. It was appropriate for me to read this on Memorial Day weekend. - thanks