Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just throwing it out there

You know sometimes when writing I just will run into a wall for new and fresh ideas. It feels sometimes that I have written on just about every weird topic so what’s left? Often I will have to go back and search my archives to make sure I do not start repeating myself. Nothing better in life than listening to an old man repeat the same story over and over right?

So today was one of those brainless days. Fortunately for me at least, these bouts of creative constipation usually do not last too long with so many broadcast and internet news sources at the ready. Yes I admit it, while most of you use the media for genuine information and entertainment, I have reduced its worth to a lowly mental laxative.

Anyway, my daughter and I were watching the mid-day news and one of the reports depicted how a full sized pickaxe, busted through a Washington state couple’s car windshield while on the freeway. The thing hit dead center and missed both front occupants of the car before embedding itself in-between the seats. If it were me, I could handle the flying Ax trauma okay, but having to re-glue that rearview mirror back on is what would haunt me for the rest of my life. Whenever I ride in a convertible, I always worry a little bit about rocks, road junk, trees, rain, and birds bombing me. But not once did I ever imagine a giant garden tool dropping in to bisect my ride.

Now since we’ve started down the path of ’throwing things’, the other news story that absolutely floored me today was a minor assault charge at a Philadelphia Phillies game. Yeah Phillies fans can be noisy, loud and legendary for their boisterous team enthusiasm; but nothing can match this New Jersey guy. This obviously drunk punk literally let things get ‘out of hand’ by shoving his fingers down his own gullet to PURPOSELY throw-up on the objects of his disapproval – a man and his kid. Hmmm, now I have something else new to worry about when riding in convertibles? I guess I should avoid parades for awhile – especially in drop-tops directly behind those big beer-binging Clydesdale horses!

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