Monday, July 5, 2010

Greasy Gift Cards

The one thing that my jury is still definitely OUT on is gift cards. I do like the convenience of being able to give an almost universally usable gift that ships flat and CHEAP. I also like that those skinny little cards can snuggle in behind other things in my wallet, and every now and again I find a surprise ‘bonus’ which MIGHT be enough to buy me a Slurpee.

But to be honest as a thoughtful remembrance, gift cards are probably my LAST choice as a caring gift. I know the recipient is thankful no matter what I give. But even if I choose a ‘lame’ gift, it is probably better than giving a card which the giftee will ultimately buy everyday stuff like Alka Seltzer or ear wax lube.

Like everyone, I am also really slow to use my gift cards. Instead of one or two credit cards, I have to load my wallet up with every store-specific gift card ‘just in case’ I stop to shop. Guy’s wallets now are like sitting on bricks. In fact we have to rotate our wallet between back pockets weekly, or like the food bank, we’ll be stuck with DENTED cans.

I also hate when a gift card has $1.03 or some odd tiny amount of remaining cash left on it. I still have to carry the thing around – you can’t throw it away. That would be dumb, just like tossing a fistful of change out on to a busy street. Who would do that, unless like me, your mission was to reduce enrollment at an overcrowded preschool and make some room for your kid? See I told you the jury is still out . . . I think the judge will let me off with a warning if I grease the wheels of justice – as long as he accepts GIFT CARDS of course!


  1. I say just give me the cash. Cash is my favorite gift of all.

  2. It's just so easy to give a gift card. And it's easier for us ladies to carry them around since most of us have purses. :)

  3. You don't like gift cards? Mail 'em to me. I'll spare you the grief of having to carry them around. *snicker*