Monday, July 19, 2010

Turkeys in straw and ice cream trucks

Though bulky, I'm not generally what you would call a ‘bulk’ ice cream fan. Don’t get me wrong, those frozen tubs of fat and sugar do taste great and I am nothing if not a receptive and charitable host for homeless, empty calories. It’s just that if all things are even in poor health choices, I prefer to die a salty, hospice assisted death with true friends at my side – salted peanuts in the shell and a ‘family-size’ bag of cheesy, crunchy Doritos.

Now individually wrapped, frozen confections on the other hand , if the weather is steamy and my undergarments are the same, then ‘heck yeah’- I’m there! Just point me toward any garish musical van, driven by a down and out, unshaven nut in a paper hat. I’ll never get tired of staring at those colorful circus posters of icy creamy treats with their endless taunting caloric possibilities.

So to jog your memory a bit (since after ice cream you’ll need the exercise), I have linked HERE a site that has collected 15 pictures of some unusual ice cream trucks. If any of these beauties fits seamlessly into your neighborhood, then I would suggest you buy ice cream ONLY in front of the police station. If that doesn’t scare you away then I’ve linked HERE the ‘Eat This Not That’ guy’s nutritional assessment of many ice cream truck favorites. I think, as expected, he pretty much ‘hits the nail on the coffin’ for most of these calorie bombs. From my personal experience however, even if you know you’ll never earn enough ‘brownie’ points to ‘die and go to heaven’ – risk a ‘Choco Taco’ at least once, and give it a try anyway.

I have linked HERE a guy who wrote and sells a WHOLE ALBUM centered around original, ice cream truck inspired music with audio clips to boot. I honestly feel a bit sorry for this guy because except for pedophiles and other unicycle enthusiasts, who is going to listen to this stuff? Truly I want to encourage online commerce, because who knows someday, I may want to sell some of my old black n’ white striped prison P.J.'s and Snuggies on this blog? Finally, I have linked HERE the sad result from believing that ice cream is a food group all unto itself. On the positive side, our disheveled dancing Shrek friend proves that everyone loves ‘Turkey in the straw’ and it’s never too late to start on a fitness and exercise plan. Enjoy!


  1. Ahhh...the ice cream truck!!! Memories.

    You know, when I was a kid, we had an ice cream TRIKE. was like this big tricycle driven freezer. Company was called Dickie Dee.

    Hey look, I just googled it, and found it!

  2. Ah, the beloved ice cream truck. Our driver used to scream out, "Que quieres, Que quieres, Que quiereeeeeeeees!" And no, he wasn't a Mexican. :)

    This post didn't make me want ice cream due to the massive amounts of candy I consumed today. :( I'll be back to normal when I wake up in the morning. :)

  3. I once was a helper on a tiny ice cream truck made from a Crosley Station Wagon. My friend hired me to keep the kids from stealing out of the unguarded back end. The chimes on top drove us nuts! I'll look at your link of old Ice Cream trucks because they had so much personality.
    BTW, I skip high-butterfat expensive ice cream.
    It's never as cold and refreshing as cheap ice cream. Try it -- you can either eat twice as much or just avoid weight gain with one serving.