Sunday, July 18, 2010

I Peeve Freely

Since it is the weekend and nobody with a social life is reading anyway, I am going to reveal a peeve of mine. Now you know that this is a special problem because it is not just a peeve, but a PET peeve. People presumably actually care about their pets or they would not have them right? Therefore, you must assume that I really care about this complaint to call it a ‘Pet Peeve’.

Maybe I’m slow but I think I need help understanding this ‘peevishness scale’ or P.S. for short. If I am concerned enough about this ‘fret’ to call it my pet, why is it a peeve at all? Maybe it should actually be downgraded to around the level of a ‘snipe’ or a ‘squawk’, but probably not quite as low as a ‘beef’ or a ‘bother’.

Clearly I have a ‘bone to pick’ with whoever decided that a ‘Pet Peeve’ is a higher level grievance on the P.S. than just your average everyday ‘abomination’. Why, I would think even a run of the mill ‘extreme annoyance’ or ‘abhorrence’ is far more peevish than any ol’ plain vanilla peeve - pet or otherwise.

Ok, it is not my intention to pester or ‘pick on’ people who huff, puff, and grouse about their pet peeves but never actually define their gripe precisely. Rather, it is my mission to ‘crow’ about my complaint clearly, but at an accurate level of petulance. So NOW I understand - my ‘bellyache’ is more accurately representative of a ‘miff’ that I care about deeply – or in layman’s terms a ‘PET miff’.

P.S. Oh yeah, I almost forgot - my ‘pet miff’ is misplacing or losing tools and things that I need like a Thesaurus or obviously ... my MIND!


  1. Oooooo I hate it when I lose stuff too. I do it a lot.

  2. One thing that 'plagues' me is people chewing food with their mouth open or smacking their lips when chewing gum!

  3. Mr. Blogger, you do pretty will with the synonyms even if you can't find your thesaurus.
    Roget seems to have written it so people who write to us can say "I know more words for the same things than YOU do. Nyah Nyah!"
    Hope the rest of your day is "peeveless."

  4. I thought this bloggy post was gonna be about pee. Dang - I need to blink more often.