Tuesday, June 15, 2010

3-D ME . . . Again

You know every day I wake up I am happy to have a pair of eyes. Now they are not as focused as they used to be but that may be partially due to my feeble brain? Generally however, I am able to wander around and do most tasks in life (except reading tiny print), without glasses and better yet in real live 3-D!

Those three dimensions are pretty popular with real people, so the folks that make movies figured they could round up some business if they packed all those dimensions into films too. It seems as if even the most mundane of motion pictures now has a 3-D version too. Though I missed the 50’s 3-D movies fad, my parents would recall theaters packed with kids wearing funny glasses grabbing for floating objects in front of their faces. I remember wishing that I had gotten the chance to go to those 3-D movies, so my Dad would screen 8MM films from the library in anaglyph 3-D (Red and Green glasses) and I loved it.

Though I never saw this 3-D redux coming, it once again proves history repeats itself and the 3-D movie revolution is back. I still want to see all of the 3-D films even if I am not interested in the movie subject. The problem today is that these films now cost as much as twice the price of a normal movie ticket. I have a hard time paying $3 for a midweek matinee much less $12 to $15 for 2 hours of mind numbing prattle that mirrors my REAL life in 3-D. Who can afford to see these films? I thought I was supposed to go to the movies to escape real life not have to take a loan out and borrow against collateral, just for fun. What’s next – maybe the movies will come to SEE ME loaf around and blog – now THAT’s entertainment?

Actually I am not knocking this 3-D trend at all. In fact, I think it validates the movie-going experience as opposed to screening a movie at home on DVD. As televisions have become bigger and DVD movies cheaper, why go to the movies at all when the whole family can watch at home for a bargain price? With 3-D, most people will not be able to duplicate that experience in their home any time soon. So aside from my ’cheapness’ reservations, it is probably a smart move for the movie industry.

At least for now that is. The reality is that people will soon tire of the high prices and the same old ‘stick in your face’ 3-D screen tricks. Just like what happened in the mid 50’s will happen again and those cool three dimensions will fade back into good old Technicolor two. Maybe by the third time ‘round 3-D rears its fat protruding head into my life, I will finally be able to afford to go to the movies again? The only question is, will I still have two eyes, four-eyes, or just be blind-SIGHTED by the 3-D trend AGAIN!


  1. Ok - so a couple of things....you're funny!

    I rarely go to the movies anymore because I'm getting to be an old cantankerous persnickety witch who can't stand cell phones lighting up everywhere while everyone's texting! Grrrrrrrr. (And to think my biggest complaint used to be chair kickers!)

    Second - I love my big screen.

    Third - I bought The Polar Express in 3-D last year - what a waste of money. The 3-D was pitiful. Went online to see if others had the same complaint - yup! Last time I'll fall for that crap. I agree - if you want to see 3-D, you've gotta do it up right and go to the theater. (Wonder what these new 3-D TVs will be like???)

  2. I think 3D might stick around in some form this time. Maybe new forms. I look forward to watching the Superbowl being played "right in my room!" Then I can step on the little guys of the team I don't like. Rug cleaner should sell like crazy!