Tuesday, June 15, 2010

ReLAXing Lacrosse

Though using the lacrosse name abbreviation ‘LAX’ for years, only recently did I understand that the ‘X’ in the term ‘LAX’, stood for a ‘CROSS’ like you might find on a pirate’s treasure map. When you put the ‘LA’ with the ‘X’ you get the pronunciation of ‘Lacrosse’. Yeah I may be dumb, but I just assumed it was a typical meaningless shortening of a longer name like Chuck for Charles or Hank for Henry.

My daughter has played LAX for quite awhile now. I’m not completely sure but I think some of the allure for her is not just the game play or skill, but she likes a bit of the tough image too. I guess that’s fair because it can be a relentlessly taxing game on the body at times and takes some guts to play well.

I guess lacrosse is particularly hard on those intestines? At least it appears that way with a slew of products dedicated to the stuffed-up sphincters of your average LAX player. We all have heard of ‘Ex-Lax’ and ‘DucoLax’ but today on television I even saw a new product for the fruit-deprived lacrosse player – ‘PRUNELAX’.

It is hard to imagine all these stone-cold, hulky lacrosse players sitting around all knotted up and endlessly whining about constipation isn’t it? I mean I knew they were as ‘tough as nails’ but I did not know they must be routinely swallowing some of those 8-pennies as well? That image probably makes you wish LAX was just some random abbreviation for an airport huh? Wouldn’t it be perfect if that airport was close-by to the sunny oil-free sand of California’s beaches? Now that’s ‘BOUND’ to be a place that even a bloated, prune-filled lacrosse player could truly RELAX!


  1. Never knew that about the spelling of LAX. Hilarious stuff!

  2. I started reading this post, expecting it to be about the airport in Los Angeles. Boy was I duped!