Sunday, June 13, 2010

Paper Pushers

I noticed that a great number of blogs are dedicated to scrapbooking and the creation of custom greeting cards. Now usually when you have a lot of something, the sheer volume alone should drive costs down. But when I visited an ‘Archiver’ shop the other day, it was soon obvious that supplies for these activities are anything but inexpensive.

Now I have actually always liked to do art projects and save historical data so this hobby / business does appeal to me in principle. But sometimes it is just hard to swallow buying custom dies, rubber stamps, papers, and glue tabs just to produce a greeting card, and I haven’t even bought the REAL gift yet!

Yes I know I am missing the point a bit. By preparing these custom cards or memory pages we are investing our time and special care. The receivers SHOULD know that we love them even more than they thought when they receive a gorgeous handmade card. I want my gift recipients to ALWAYS believe that, but I just don’t want to work so hard to have to convince them. Can’t I just kind of go in for a close hug, forget the custom card altogether, and slip them twenty bucks and get the same result? I’m not sure exactly how much, but given the price of art supplies to make cards, I would SAVE a bundle this way!

I know $20 is not a lot of cash for a gift but it is probably TEN TIMES or more than the amount I might give to an ordinary stranger. I would think any gift recipient of mine would be in true awe, if my cold n' cheap, clammy hands pushed a ‘Jackson’ their way even if they did not get my handmade greeting card too? I’m thinking of killing two birds with one stone now though? Since the cash does the job of BOTH a fancy handmade greeting card and a gift, I think I will just start MAKING my own money. Now that’s an art project that I can FORGE ahead with that will generate REAL attention; if not from my loved ones, then at least with the U.S. attorney.


  1. Let me know how that works out for ya! LOL!!!!

    I love making cards...but honestly, it's for a selfish reason. I love the hobby!! I love getting creative. People receiving a nice hand-made card is just a bonus. ;)

  2. I've oft wondered why there are so many of these blogs out there amongst the women folk. Maybe I should create a card making blog for straight guys like me! Think of the followers I could get! Upwards of 5!

  3. But your recipients can't SPEND the handmade cards. And those twenties will be gone before the candles go out after they've made a wish --
    probably for some money. about sending both? (And we who comment are your friends.)

  4. I love it. I don't have a crafty bone in my body. I make homemade cards with lined paper and a sharpie.