Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ham and Turkey

I was reflecting on how complex technology used to be. My in-laws are in town and they always come packing a personal computer, a couple of cell phones and irritatingly, MORE knowledge and ability than me, when it comes to how to use all that stuff. My Father and Father-in-law both use the web for stocks and financial data research. So as a blogger, I am the runt of the litter when it comes to USEFUL computer skills.

For the in-laws, that new fangled Skype website has become their preferred communication method to stay in touch with friends and family. They have established regular ‘meeting’ times on-line to make and place video phone calls. I am not knocking this discipline or the savings that it no-doubt generates as compared to traditional long distance. I am in fact very impressed that even the oldsters in my life have gained quick understanding of the technologies available, and have incorporated them quickly into their normal routines.

What amazes me actually is how all of this ‘NEW’ stuff reminds me of some very ‘OLD’ tech stuff that I used to do except for that it was on Ham radio. We had TV and packet email too but it was via a ‘beamed’ radio signal. We could make REAL phone calls as well but it was over a ‘patch’ repeater and only for personal business – never to make money.

It took so much complicated equipment to accomplish all that we take for granted now. It also took a TEST which would rapidly kill the internet if it were required today. My wife and I still maintain our amateur licenses for emergency situations. However it is clear, if our parents are mastering the net, then there is clearly nothing better for basic, inexpensive, and almost universally available communications now. Yes, I may be a little wistful for the challenge and lost days of radio but who am I to complain? Remember, then I was only a HAM, and now as a blogger, I have been promoted to a TURKEY TOO!

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