Wednesday, June 9, 2010


If there is one food flavor which I never seem to get enough of, it is peanut butter. Whether it is peanut butter flavored candy to plain old white bread sandwiches; cookies to boxes of breakfast cereal – I love everything about the NUTritious peanut paste.

Now I know I am not unique. Many people love the stuff and have a favorite brand. Many like the saltier, nuttier flavor of JIF or the preservative free organics. I frankly prefer the highly sugar infused, and some would say, LESS Peanuty, Peter Pan brand. When they pulled Peter Pan off the shelves due to contamination issues, I was actually frightened for a couple years that they would let the brand die. After eating the last remnants of my Peter Pan stockpile, I could not brush my teeth for a week for fear of forgetting that unforgettable taste and SMELL of happiness.

My own brother-in –law oddly hates the brown goo ( RELAX - I’m talking peanut butter) because growing up in a large brood, the nutty butter was an overused economical source of protein. But now, just the sight of a brightly colored jar or the remote whiff of a PB&J sandwich and he’ll feel queasy! On the flip side, I have a friend who works out daily to stay in shape. For him it is not unusual to grab a couple of tablespoons of peanut butter ALONE, and suck it in like a vacuum in a black hole.

One of the first few Halloween outfits my wife made for our daughter was Peter Pan. It was an easy costume because basically it was just a big brown ‘schmear’ with eye holes. No of course I jest, we dressed the kid in the little green boots, tights, frayed tunic and green cap. We even used an empty jar of Peter Pan peanut butter with a handle for her goody bucket. Of course, we would have to follow along with a larger bag and constantly relieve that dumb little jar of her candy booty. Can you guess what the kid’s favorite candy is to this day – Reese’s peanut butter cups of course – and oh yeah a TOOTHBRUSH!

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  1. Heehee..I seriously hope you're joking about not having brushed your teeth for a week! ;)

    That said, I like peanut butter - but I rarely eat it. Go figure! You've just put a peanut butter craving in my head. Maybe that's a good thing, cuz I was going to raid the candy basket again.