Friday, June 11, 2010

Scents-less Senior

As I have gotten older unlike most of my senses, my sense of smell seems to be getting better. No I am not bragging, I just am really proud. In a time when every morning is taking much longer to crawl out of bed and into action, it’s just nice that something – ANYTHING, still seems to work.

I actually do not really think that I smell any better (how many of you would ever admit that), but it is in fact that I have to use such large quantities of Ben Gay these days to keep the joints all lubed up. Though humans seem to endure my scent ok, oddly the mosquitoes and flies get within a yard or so and simply wave a white flag and head the other direction. Yeah I radiate a wafting trail of menthol bliss for all who dare to enter my personal ‘no fly’ zone.

Now how all this recently started was that I twisted an ordinary screwdriver a couple of days ago to seat three (yes ONLY three) screws into some wood. Now my forearm and elbow ache so much I walk around like Fred Sanford holding his wounded wing and whining to all who will listen. All this does nothing for my ego or my pocketbook either. That stinky balm costs a pretty penny I assure you.

So hopefully the muscles in my arm will heal up as fast as those in my head. If they do, I can finally stop stalking the ‘geezer section’ of the drug store (though I did have my eye on that Shiny Chrome Walker). I’ll be sad though to say goodbye to my menthol aura. Yeah I kind of like getting those ‘senior discounts’ without asking for them. But there’s no need to rush old age any faster than I already seem to be doing right? Most people say it is very likely too late for me – after all I have already lost my scents!

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  1. Heeheehee....better Ben Gay than Preparation H!