Thursday, July 15, 2010

The 'Skinny' on Energy Drink Boosters

It is hard to imagine that the world’s leaders are always talking about trying to dig up and invent new sources of energy. Haven’t these people been up the street to a 7-11 or to any store check-out lane on the planet? I mean you really have to be wearing ‘ultra-dark’ sunglasses, slapping ankles and small children with a white cane to miss the so called energy ‘booster’ drinks and shots displayed everywhere.

What happened; did somebody forget that soda, tea, and coffee already had the caffeine and diuretic department covered and locked up? Now it seems anyone with a cute diminutive bottle, flashy label, and some filtered water is getting in on the action. Yeah I could toss out any ol’ pale yellow secret ‘witches brew’, featuring liquid vitamins with caffeine, and fitness fiends would take to it like summer bugs to a porch light.

Now I know being naturally hyper-kinetic, I’m not the best authority to speak to this subject. Beyond that, I suck-in my fair share of diet soda and coffee every week, which keeps my hot-air mouth afloat and the bathroom porcelain well exercised. In general however, it is probably best, if truly health- conscious folks would try to avoid these stimulant boosters as a part of their ordinary routine and diet.

The fact is, most of us ALREADY get a fair dose of these mild stimulants during the course of a day without the need for excessive supplements. I have linked a caffeine database here so ordinary sane people can look up and compare favorite beverages against the myriad of energy potions available. If you are insane (like our world leaders), and refuse to listen or learn in the face of established fact and historical data, I am linking the most powerful caffeine ‘buzz’ per ounce known to mankind. Yep, just pop an ounce or so of this ‘super nova’ stimulant and you won’t sleep for a week. Of course if you do it often enough, the next ‘booster’ energy shot you’ll get is from your doctor. He'll 'FIXX' you right up with a pair of cold metal defibrillator paddles,and if you are good and wake up - he'll give you a pale yellow 'Lolly'!


  1. I'm addicted to my Diet Pepsi. I switched to caffeine-free some time ago - but I'm still addicted. Yeah, I's all in my head. (Along with a lot of other crap.)

  2. Diet Mt. Dew for me. I admit to trying these once when running a race that lasted all night long (Ragnar Relay). It gave me loads of energy but also made me sick to my stomach.

  3. I very glad I gave up smoking years ago and I never liked diet soda of any type. I believe the 'studies' people concluded that diet soft drinks make you fat. I think they make eat more but drinker figures oh I can eat that cake because I'm drinking diet.
    It does bother me that this energy crap stuff is pushed on young kids. Rockstar - I don't think the baby boomers are going to even try that.

  4. I have been drinking an energy drink for quite some time, but this information about energy drinks would make me think twice....