Sunday, July 11, 2010

Eggs should be whipped not coddled

We had a guest over today which while that may be a bit out of the ordinary, it is not spectacularly interesting. This girl is a long-time friend of my daughter who I felt I knew pretty well but had never considered adopting before. But that all changed at breakfast because I found out this girl adores hot eggs on toast.

Though I love my hot breakfasts too, nobody in my household cares for anything except cold wet cereal. Both my parents and my wife’s folks enjoy their tasty cakes, sausage, eggs, and hash browns for a regular morning feast. So what happened genetically to my wife and young spawn to 'scramble' their brains and make them turn ‘white’ when they see eggs?

Are these really people that I should be associating with on a daily basis? I honestly don’t know how long people should go without egg on their face, but I for one don’t want to find out. This constant rejection of my breakfast values, honestly makes it harder each day to ‘quiche’ my family in the morning and mean it. I feel like an outsider and my nerves are ‘fried’. Clearly I need an egg-substitute like my daughter’s friend as my adopted ‘albumen-buddy’.

I may have one problem with my daughter’s friend though because she eats her eggs ‘sunny side up’. Except for my nose, I don’t anticipate anything ‘runny’ when I first get up, and I’m rarely ‘sunny’ at dawn. Those kind of eggs have to be gently prepared and handled carefully. When I first crack the coffin, the only thing I want to do is whip something – not ‘walk on eggs’ to make high-brow chow. Maybe I need to re-think adopting my daughter’s egg-eating friend and her fancy tastes. At my age, the only thing I want to coddle, is maybe another pan of eggs!


  1. We occasionally eat breakfast with my wife's sister -- a Registered Nurse. She still eats eggs ONLY 'sunny-side up.' Or should I say
    "Salmonella-Side Up?"
    I guess even medical people practice health habits by just adopting those that don't interfere with their primal tastes and urges.
    Tsk Tsk -- because they must do the same to US as their patients.

  2. I like my eggs scrambled and extra dry on toast!